Thursday, November 27, 2008

Good results keep on coming in!

I weighed in today at 92.5! Yay! So since I've started eating breakfast on Monday, I've lost 900 grams! Maybe we should start a facebook fan group for breakfast? I'd totally join now!

Breakfast- 1/2 mango
Lunch- 4 cruskits with cheese, ham and sweet mustard pickles
Snack -popcorn
Dinner- I'm attempting Chicken Bolognaise but I'm really not hungry. Think I'll leave it.

Funny how different each day is. Yesterday I had no issues at all with band and could eat my food no problem. Today I forgot to eat as much because I didn't feel hungry at all, but eventually remembered and did. Lol. Usually I could eat a heap of popcorn. Not anymore. Hadn't had it since last fill and I can tell the difference. For a little while there I thought I wasnt ever going to eat to my sweet spot. Totally feel like I'm there! Loving it all right now!

-skinny "I'm getting there!!!!"biddy :0)


Melanie said...

Look at your total weight loss - it is amazing. You are so going to meet your Christmas goal, I'm sure.

mjwdec73 said...

Size 14, breakfast, collarbones, more lost than you still have to lose. You are freaking awesome!


Nikki said...

That's fantastic! Keep it up and soon you'll be teeny tiny!!