Saturday, September 25, 2010

Waiting Waiting Waiting

I'm currently waiting to see my specialist on Oct 5th to see whats happening with this tumor thingy.
It hasnt been a hard wait like I thought it would be. I tried to put it at the back of my mind to be honest. Yes- the idea has always been there, but I decided I needed to stop it consuming my entire world.
So I will let you know what happens when I myself know.
I got a fill on Thursday. I don't know what I weigh- I havent known for almost a year. For me, its based now purely on size. I don't think Id ever be what I wanted in kilos and I always got obsessed with the scales. So I'm aiming for a size 12.
I had .2mls put in. Its made a huge difference. I was never able to go over what I previously had in my band because of severe heartburn and reflux. However now being on Pariet I havent had a problem. So having the extra .2mls in has curved my portion sizes and really helped stop the cravings. I'm really happy about that.
Nothing much else to report in that sense....
I've decided to go to England in May next year- will work for a few months of 2011 then go. Helps with savings. Anyone have any good travel tips or airline recommendations I'd love it hear them.
Had a lovely holiday in Melbs a few weeks ago. Hung out with my best friend. Caught some sights. Fun fun fun.
Trying to get things crossed off my life list. Does anyone else have one- whats on it?

Question: Do any of my readers ever feel they outgrow friendships very fast? Is there something wrong with me? I believe that people come into your life for purpose, and I try hard to maintain a good friendship that is two sided. However I've noticed lately that once again I'm about to lose some friends because that connection isn't there anymore. And as much as I'm trying to save it... it feels like a sinking ship that I can't stop? I've always been told throughout my life I was very mature for my age- and I do find that I have a lot of older friends. I know everyone has faults, I do like everyone else. I dunno... I'm just sad because I feel like I'm losing/lost one of my best friends because I was honest with her. Am I'm grasping at straws.

Random blog. Needed a vent. Plus when you're drunk like I am right now the truth tends to pour out. High five for me for typing fairly okish. Grammar sucks. Oops. Hopefully I made a little sense. I bet I look back in a few days and roll my eyes. Lol.

Hope everyone is well. Would love to hear from you guys xoxox