Saturday, November 29, 2008


Ok so I'm having a pretty brilliant week. Not only did I jump on the scales this morning to see 91.5----- (with a loss this week of 1.9 kilos. Eating will make you lose weight people, remember that!) BUT I just found out that I have the job at preschool!!!!!!!!
I am so stoked. Things have done such a 180 in my life. In such a short space of time I've found myself. I've found a part of myself that once I didn't even dare dream of. I've found smiles, laughter, joy, happiness, success, confidence, friends, life. Life.
My mind cannot even begin to process this journey so far. I think when it finally hits me it's going to hit hard.
I am so close to my Christmas goal. 1.6 kilos away from being under 90 kilos. 500 grams away from having lost 30 kilos in 9 months.

I'm going out tonight to celebrate!

-skinny biddy

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Good results keep on coming in!

I weighed in today at 92.5! Yay! So since I've started eating breakfast on Monday, I've lost 900 grams! Maybe we should start a facebook fan group for breakfast? I'd totally join now!

Breakfast- 1/2 mango
Lunch- 4 cruskits with cheese, ham and sweet mustard pickles
Snack -popcorn
Dinner- I'm attempting Chicken Bolognaise but I'm really not hungry. Think I'll leave it.

Funny how different each day is. Yesterday I had no issues at all with band and could eat my food no problem. Today I forgot to eat as much because I didn't feel hungry at all, but eventually remembered and did. Lol. Usually I could eat a heap of popcorn. Not anymore. Hadn't had it since last fill and I can tell the difference. For a little while there I thought I wasnt ever going to eat to my sweet spot. Totally feel like I'm there! Loving it all right now!

-skinny "I'm getting there!!!!"biddy :0)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Magic of Breakfast

Ok.... I'm converted. I am a fan of breakfast. I've lost 500 grams in the last few days- since I've started eating breakfast. I'm not eating much, but at least something is going into my stomach.

Todays food:

Breakfast- 1/3 of a mashed banana
Snack- handful nuts
Lunch- shepherds pie
Snack- chocolate milk (had a craving hehehe)
Dinner- Fish and veggies

Not more work for the week for me. I'm really glad. I've had such a hard few weeks/months that the next few days I plan on relaxing and having a good time. Tomorrow I have no plans except to sleep in and do a tafe assignment. I feel a little guilty (not too much though hehe) because I haven't done a thing for tafe in a month. I'm bored with it.

All for today. Thanks for the motivating comments guys. I appreciate it

-skinny "closer to the xmas goal" biddy :0)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Lightbulb Afternoon

Came home from an exhausting day at work and wanted to jump into bed for a few hours. I was wiping off my makeup when I noticed something strange below my neck. MY COLLARBONES. Lol. Ok, I have this thing about collarbones. I've never really seen mine and always wanted to be apart of that crowd. So I was super stoked!
Next cool thing was that I bought this sweet dress off ebay- orange and grey, in a size 14. I thought I'd use it as inspiration for my Christmas goal. I got it this afternoon. Thought for a little laugh I'd try it on. Holy fuck it fits! Me+ size 14...... whoa. Havent fitted into one of those babies since I was 15/16! Huge huge thing! Makes those frustrating numbers on the scales mean a whole lot less.

Todays food:

Breakfast- 1/2 a mango (i used to HATE mango. I've been craving it- super cool!)
Snack- 4 grapes plus a little birthday cake from a kiddies bday today
Lunch- 3 cruskits with pink salmon plus lettuce and a kraft slice of cheese (all i can say is ewwww processed- somethings changed with the old tastebuds!)
Snack- handful nuts
Dinner- Shepherds Pie + veggies

Thanks so much to those who have given me feedback for my food. Yes lpg- I've realised they do go down a little too well those crackers and cheese, thats why I opted for nuts today. Handful keep me full for ages!
Anonymus... thanks so much. I've cut out the juice, keeping the nut/dried fruit combo but only every other day I think. Will go back to yoghurt (needed a break, was having it everyday) and rice cakes in arvo.

Smiles all around...
-skinny "getting somewhere and loving the journey, slow as I might feel it is going" biddy :0)

Monday, November 24, 2008


Had a great day today. The work issue resolved itself without my having to do anything. The woman at work was in a brilliant mood and told me that last week she was very hormonal. So not me, hormones. Damn those bitches! They cause such issues!
Food for today

B- juice (apple, orange, pineapple) - lbg- totally taking on your advice, it was way too sweet for me so im sticking too soft fruit for breakkie
S- grapes,cashews and dried banana
L- egg and lettuce cruskits (4)- i totally didnt need 4. 2 would have been enough
S- crackers and cheese
D- attempt at chicken meatballs

Am I eating too much? Should I reduce portion size and eat more often?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tweeking It

I don't normally have anything for breakfast. I usually drink liquids up until lunchtime. I haven't been eating nearly enough fruit and veggies so I went out today and bought a ton of fruit to make a morning fruit juice to take to work and have as my breakfast. That way I have something in my little tum tum and I'm getting the majority of my daily fruit needs.
I will also attempt to keep an online food log so you can let me know how I am going. Hehe.
Back to the gym tomorrow. Will go after work and do minimum of 45 minutes. I plan to go AT LEAST 3 times a week. Now that I am back to doing 3 days a week and my sister issue has died down a little I can get back into my routine. I'm missing it.
Today I went and bought some new jeans. I was jumping up and down with the kiddies last week and they started to fall down. I look like I need to join a gang in them they are so baggy. So off I went to buy them. I bought one pair in Crossroads for $19.95 and thought that was brilliant. Nope, even better- I bought a pair in Millers for $9.95!!! Holy Cow! I'm thinking I might go back on Tuesday afternoon and buy another two pairs, of smaller sizes. With that price I can't turn it down! I also bought some new undies. Kmart- 10 pairs for $20! Sweet!!
Gotta love a bargain...
I'm having issues at work at the moment. Its been hard for me with everything going on with my family life and I havent been my bubbly self. I probably havent been as nice as I could at work. The woman I work with has been a little off with my lately. Not sure if it has to do with me or something else. Apparently she said she didnt want to come to the work xmas party. I hope its nothing to do with me. I have been thinking about it all weekend and have decided tomorrow I am just going to ask her if she is ok, tell her that I know I havent been myself but I am slowly getting there and apologise if I have done anything to upset her. I am not someone who likes the thought that Ive done something to upset someone. It definately would be unintentional. I hope it gets resolved. I hate that I feel so yuck about work.
Stuck on 93.4. Its ok, I'll get passed it. But the increased determination at the moment is because I want to get to my goals. The goals are to be under 90 for Xmas.... so close... 93.5 kilos away! I have a month to do it in. Achieveable? I think so. I just gotta get my arse moving and watch the food I'm putting into my mouth.

-skinny "push me to my goal guys!" biddy :0)

p.s... new november photos up on my photo gallery ......

Friday, November 21, 2008


My sister left today, back to Perth (she only came home Saturday). It was only decided last night so it's been very fast and very emotional. I said goodbye to her this morning before I left for work. I arrived at work in big sunnies covering my red swollen eyes and tear stained cheeks.
Work is giving me the shits. I am definately in need of a break. Every little thing is getting to me. I used to enjoy every aspect of it. Now I think the honeymoon period has ended. After the stressful two months I've had without a break I think thats also gotten to me. There might be some resentment there that I couldn't take any time off to take it all in whilst everyone else went on their lovely holidays. I still have no idea as to my plans next year. All still up in the air.
Band wise I am eating very little portions. I drink as much fluid as possible and that it filling for me up until lunchtime at 1.15 pm. Then I have leftovers from previous nights dinner, come home and have a teeny snack, then dinner. I am over food. I'll work on food in a few days. I think with the week I've had food has been the last thing on my mind. Funny though, stress and food used to go hand in hand. Now its not the case. Very good.
The sister would never say it to me but she told mum I looked great and was slightly envious. She's always been the "skinny one" and now the tables have turned. I thought I would feel some kinda power over her now its finally happened. Not the case. I feel sad for her. Shes where I was for all those years. She can't be helped. She wont take it.
Exercise will start again next week when all the drama has died down. I'm also back to 3 days a week so it'll give me days off to fit it in. I am looking forward to it! My membership expires in Feb so hopefully the job situation has worked out because I dont want to be without the gym.
Havent checked the scales in a few days. Weird things are going on. 95, then 93, then 91, then 95, then 93. Scales are broken I think. I'm not in denial, I know somethings up because a few days ago I hopped on and it read 95, tried again and it was 93. Off to buy new ones!
No plans this weekend which Im truly greatful for. I plan to sleep in tomorrow, probably go shopping (even though I really couldnt be bothered lol) for new underwear. My bras are crazy stupid now with the massive change in boobie size so I gotta get measured. I also wanna try Jeans West to see how the clothes are on me. I havent dared enter them in years. I am a little hesitant because I'm scared nothing will fit and I'll go off the rails. Deep down I know thats old Bridgy talking. I will do it. Might wait until I can go shopping with someone though. I dont want to bawl my eyes out in Jeans West alone. Lol.
I recieved a response to the article written in Cleo magazine. It basically said thanks for the feedback but write to the author. I was very disappointed. I know that there will always been losers who write negative articles. I've read a few, that one just pissed me off because it was in a magazine I've read for a long time, I expected more!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Do something special for yourself, you deserve it

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I was casually laying on my bed reading Cleo, a magazine that I've been reading since I was 15. I AM SO PISSED OFF.....
There is an article on page 172 entitled "7 secrets the weight loss industry will never tell you". Secret 3 is:
We're watching an explosion in the growth of the type of surgery almost unimaginable until recently- baratric (or "weight loss") surgery. There are two main methods used: bypass and banding, with banding more popular due to its quicker recovery time and seeming simplicity. I'm convinced that the vast majority of people choosing to have their stomachs cut open or plastic devices installed inside them don't need to. In fact, they'd be better served by working to change their lifestyles and becoming healthier by using food as medicine rather than a mechanical intrusion to the body, with all the inherent risks. "The simple fact about WLS is that these patients need nutrional support, counselling and effective behaviour modification. There is no evidence that WLS makes people healthy"says US consumer health advocate Mike Adams. So leave the operations for the people who actually need surgery to save their lives"

I AM SORRY BUT NO. THE WHOLE ARTICLE IS FLAWED..... I couldnt help myself, I had to email the editor, here is what I've said:

To Whom It May Concern,

I have read this magazine since I was 15 years old. I buy it every month and love laying in bed turning every page. However this month I was massively offended by an article you had in your Decemeber issue entitled "7 secrets the weight loss industry will never tell you". Secret number 3 discussed the topic of weight loss surgery. 9 months ago I had weight loss surgery and have to date, lost 29 kilos. For your "whistleblower" to say "there is no evidence whatsoever that bariatric surgery makes people healthy" is COMPLETELY false. I could tell you numerous stories of people I know who have had their lives saved by WLS. One such person is my father. He had the gastric band 6 weeks after me. Without having lost much weight at all, my father went from being type 2 diabetic, suffering sleep aponea and high blood pressure, to being completely cleared of all three issues. Is it also proven that the gastric band can cure diabetes. "No evidence whatsoever that bariatric surgery makes people healthy"...... hmmm that doesn't seem to measure up now does it?
How about the mental health of people who have had WLS? I myself could not imagine my life without this surgery 9 months ago. As sad as it is, Im not sure if I would have one. I was very depressed and my body image was down the drain, I couldn't even leave the house.
"So leave the operations for people who actually need surgery to save their lives"...... another enraging statement from this completely ill informed person. Like I said, without this surgery I wouldnt be alive. My mental health or physical health would have killed me soon enough. As well as my father. And thousands more people I know and talk to on a daily basis on the LIFE SAVING gastric banding.
Next flaw in this article is the statement "with banding more popular due to its quicker recovery time and seeming simplicity". There is nothing simple about being banded. If you read my blog or talked to anyone who is banded, they know that this is a daily thing we live with. People who are soon to be banded also know this, as they are informed at the compulsory information session you attend pre-banding.
It is also stated in this enraging article that people need nutrional support, conselling and effective behaviour modifications. It implies that we are not given this. Completely false. I have been seeing a dietician since pre banding, my surgeon as well as another doctor once a month to discuss all issues I have with the band.
Does this "whistleblower" honestly think someone wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror and says "wow, i packed it on, i better go have WLS!". WLS is always the last resort. Its proven that obesity is an ILLNESS. And all those diets, we've tried them. And the frustrating "eat well and exercise", yeah, we've all done that too. Doesn't work for us. So for him to be convinced that the vast majority of people who have WLS dont need to , it just does not make sense.
I honestly could continue but I don't know if there is any point. In future, you need to watch what you print. You need to double check you facts, because I would bet MY BAND that any surgeon who performs WLS could pick several holes in this article, just like I have.
I am honestly unsure if I will continue reading this magazine. I am truly offended. I have posted your article, as well as this letter on my blog that is read my any banded people. If you want to know further feedback the link is below,

p.s.... please post your comments!! please read my previous post... need your help :0)

Oh Bugger!

There goes the magical 92.1 on the scales. Apparently I'm back up to 94.3. What the hell? I am trying not to let the increase on the scales to get to me but its confusing. I was getting so bloody close people! Here are my thoughts, today I felt a little fluidy, I could tell the difference in my face (being a little puffier than normal). So maybe it has to do with that? Also, because I had gone from not eating much at all to starting to eat again my stupid body has been holding onto those mother fucking calories because it was paranoid I'd never fed it again. Well, body, I'm here to say "NO! THAT WILL NOT DO! TRUST ME, YOU'LL GET FOOD, YOU'LL GET PLENTY OF FOOD. JUST CUT ME SOME SLACK AND DROP THOSE FEW KILOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
Can you tell I'm a little pissed?
So what now guys? How do I drop these kilos? I'm back at gym next week. But food wise, please help!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last few days....

Hi Guys,

Band land has been challenging this week. Its improved each day as I thought it would. I know have realy good restriction and just need to learn how to best use it to my advantage. I havent had this type of restriction before. I finally feel like I'm banded in a sense of before this fill I could eat lots of foods that most banded people can't eat (like burgers!!!!). So now its time for me to learn how to deal with this and best use the restriction in my favour and eat the most wholesome foods I can.
Checked out my weight loss ticker? I'm pretty stoked. Actually in awe. I've got 2.2 kilos to go before I'm offically 89.9- UNDER 90!! My goal was to get there by Christmas Day, well we've got 6 weeks left until the big day, ah, yeah, I can totally do that! Add in the exercise I plan to start again (with being sick and stress at home it was the last thing on my mind) we have a winner there.
The sister came home yesterday. Well technically this morning at 1 a.m. She seems ok, we cant really talk about baby because she gets snappy. I havent seen much of her so hopefully she returns home from friends place so I can spend some time with her.
Not looking forward to working a full week this week. Im not against working 5 days a week, its not a lazy thing. I just don't want to be there. I am over it. I've realised I am giving way to much of myself to a job that I don't even know that I will have next year. I will not use my unpaid weekends to do preschool shit. I will not. I am putting me first.
Thats all for now. Anyone wanna give me yummy recipes or anything I'd appreciate them. For some reason all my passion for cooking has disappeared and my food ideas are out the window!!!!

-skinny "getting closer to that 89.9" biddy :0)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bitchy Barbie

Hi Guys,

So in combination of being sick, being hormonal, being stressed and just having a fill Im having a shocker. Sticking to liquids for the time being. Just pb'd my attempt at dinner- Easy Mac. So as of tomorrow I'm doing Opti-fast for a few days. You are probably wondering why I am not going back to Dr right away to get fill out. Its because I know in a few days I'll be fine, when my little friend arrives things will be better, I'll have the opposite problem- I'll eat too much! But like I said before, I am not going to be silly about it at all. I am going to monitor it and see how its all going.
My sister told us last week that she is pregnant. She has just moved to Perth (left two months ago on her 18th birthday) and shes now 7 weeks. Its been a huuuuugge shock. Shes coming home on Saturday and Im really excited. The past few days Ive experienced a huge range of emotions. I was sad because being the oldest I thought I would have children first and offer her advice on how to raise hers (its a big sister thing and ive had a few other big sisters tell me they felt the same, so i didnt feel so selfish!). I was annoyed because I adore children. I think about being a mother every day. When I was 18 I was told it might be harder for me to have children, I work with children. She didnt seem phased about this next amazing step in her life. Then I was sad again because shes in Perth and I dont want to miss out on all this. I wanna be able to see ultrasounds, help make yummy healthy food and talk to her about baby names! But now shes coming home for a few weeks Im excited to see her and share some of her journey. I am worried however that all this will be too hard for her. Especially being away from family over in another state. Anyway.... thats the issue.
Hope all is well. Im gonna try and de stress for the next 4 days to get this band looser. Opti Slim tomorrow- mmmm chocolate spearmint is yummy!!!
p.s.... will be taking heaps of photos this weekend. promise to post them!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ok, now I get it

I am super stressed. I went home sick on Friday and had today off. I've also called in sick for tomorrow and Wednesday (I have a short week this week). I am suffering from a major cold and have a huge family crisis happening. Today I've noticed it hit me band wise. I can't do food, only liquids. Great for the weight loss....... Im joking. I'm going to address it if it lasts longer than a week.
I want to open up and tell you the issue but I think I might wait a little longer.
Its pretty much taken over my life since it happend a few days ago. Im not coping. I fainted on Friday night from the stress of it all.
No exercise because of cold and im not in the mood at all.
Things are hard at home like I said, so today something really meaningful happend for me. Dad gave me his ring that his mother gave to him in 1981. Its Sterling Silver and has black onyx. It was a really nice moment, so im wearing it and wont let it out of my sight!
In response to the title of the blog, I totally get now why people who are stressed turn to "easy foods" to eat. Foods that go down super well that might be not so great calorie wise. I havent done that, but I just understand it now.
Off to attempt to eat something. If not, drink something.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Sick as a Dog

I never understood that saying........

I left work early today. Not something that I have ever done before. Usually I battle through. I decided that I needed rest so I went home. Before I went home I had to go to the shops and buy things for my craft program next week. Boss is meant to pay me back everytime I buy something, I spent $70.... I totally didn't mean to. I feel kinda bad about that, its a lot of money in our small little centre. I do need the stuff.... maybe give her the reciepts every few weeks? Lol. That way it doesnt seem as big an amount.... lol.
Fill going well. Its perfect actually. I am never hungry (being sick also would make band tighter) and eating very small amounts. Drinking lots of water because Im sick. I am not having major issues getting things down. Today I've had a sweet thai chilli chicken wrap. One half for lunch and eating the other half right now for dinner.
Got my work Xmas party dress this afternoon!! I tried it on and it fits perfectly. Most revealing dress I've ever bought. Big step for me. I will take photos of it when Im feeling better. The major thing for me though is that I bought a dress from that store mid July and it was a 24.... this one is a 16. So although the weight on the scales has only changed 7 or so kilos (I cant remember), my dress size has massively changed. TAKE THAT INTO ACCOUNT PEOPLE!!
Tomorrow I will try and have a decent sleep in, then its washing 100 bottles and cutting out 100 of each- candy canes, stars, balls, xmas trees and stockings. Argh! Lots to do. So little time!
Last night I had a major, life changing event happen in our family. I dont feel ready to let you know what happened, but our family is in crisis mode. All trying to comes to terms with it. I can honestly say that if I didnt have the band, if I hadnt lost the weight and become a stronger person, i'd be ruined right now. The spirtuality course is helping me big time too...
Have a wonderful weekend friends,


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Like You Said

Woke up sick again today. Worse than yesterday. Nothing major, just a cold in which has zapped all my energy and made me feel like complete crap. Working a full week again this week and finding it hard to get through. One more day left thankgod!
Last night's support group was good. We expected a much bigger turn out from the interest that was shown, around 50-60 people. We had 12 people show up. But it was our first one so we shouldnt have expected too much. Hopefully our December one brings some of the people that said they were interested. It was still a really good meet up.
This arvo I went for a fill. I felt like shit so Mum took the night off work to drive me. I got .2mls in, Dr Fill didnt measure amount of fill but said he wasnt worried about any leaking issues. I knew that would happen! Fill was worst I've had so far. Last time was bad enough with it missing the port and slipping off. This time it took 15 mins of him poking and prodding my stomach. Just before he got it he told me he was considering getting it done under Xray. But thankgod he got it! Thats not to scare future bandsters out there. If you knew me before this surgery you'd know how scared of needles I was. Im totally over it now. I can deal with that needle because of what it gives me. It gives me my life!
I am going to try and get back to the gym next week. Had a busy one and felt under the weather this week so I wasnt going to push it. Kinda missing it though. Only Kinda. Hehehe
I have put on a few kilos in the last 2 weeks. Its a combination of working out (building muscle) and hormonal issues with fluid. Grrr... hopefully with fill I can get closer to my goal of under 90 for Xmas.

All for now... i think im running a temp.... bed time!

-skinny biddy :0)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thanks peeps!

Thankyou so much for everyone who gave me their advice. Yes it was unprofessional of him to say that to me. I will mention that to him on Thursday. I personally think I just need a fill. Not a big one, .2 or .3 would do me fine.
Yes it is very true that all bandits are different. I can eat things im sure some of you cant. The band works in mysterious ways, and being a Dr you SHOULD KNOW THAT.
Today I did something I havent done in a very very long time....................... i ate breakfast. Normally Barbie and I dont like food before 11 am. Today we were hungry. We ate eggs. It was yum!
Tomorrow night I have my first support meeting that Ive organised. Slightly nervous. Moreso excited at the fact that this is my little baby that is growing up before my eyes! Will be a good turn out apparently. Thats if I can find the bloody place.... wish me luck with that! Lol.
I havent been to the gym since Sunday and I wont be for at least another week. Heres my schedule:
Tuesday night: wash 90 water bottles and take lables off for music shakers
Wed: work, then meeting
Thursday: work, then fill (takes 30 mins to get there and i gotta wait for dr fill to finish surgery)
Friday: work, then programming for work
Saturday: programming for work, clean remaining bottles, start a tafe assignment, shop for things to put into water bottle music shakers for work, write out a list of what chn at preschool want for xmas on a giant santa stocking and try and make it to my friends 21st (thats not looking good with all this to do)
Sunday: course

So thats all for now. I will try and write tomorrow night after my meeting (argh!) and let you know how fill goes on Thursday. Hopefully by Sunday night I have died from exhaustion.... to think, at the beginning of the year I couldnt even leave the house. Now Im never in it!

-skinny "loves her cyber friends"biddy :0)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fuck a Duck

So I called Fill Dr today. He apologised for not calling me back.
I told him I needed a fill and didn't want to wait 3 weeks. That I was exercising heaps and eating fairly well and could eat lots. He agreed to see me Thursday afternoon in between surgeries he needed to do. He then asked if I could eat potatoes. I said probably. I wasnt sure. He seemed worried about that answer and said "thats not good, you might have a leak in your band". Well brilliant. 8.30 am Monday morning- NOT what I wanted to hear.
I personally don't think that I have a band issue. My restriction seemed to get looser when I uped my exercise. My fills have always lasted about a month. Ive read about people who have taken over a year to get to their sweet spot. People years down the track still get fills. Its an adjustable thing. I've also heard that the faster you lose it, the more fills you will need.
Guys I need you to tell me what you think. I'm driving myself crazy here. Last thing I fucken need is another surgery. I don't think I will need it. But I know you will reassure me or tell me the truth.
I didnt go to the gym this afternoon. I stayed back at work and made a paper xmas tree to put up on the wall. I might hit it tomorrow. Cant Wednesday (might treadmill it) or Thursday as Im at the hospital right after work getting a fill. Im usually exhausted Tuesday because I have all the major cleaning at work. But Im gonna push past that.

-skinny "grrrrrrr"biddy :0)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fill Time!

I need a fill badly. I was trying to go without but I can't. I have three weeks until I am due for my next one. The question is, do I keep on truckin and possibly put on weight in the next three weeks, or call tomorrow and demand to talk to Dr Fill and get in earlier. 3 weeks is a long time. I am working so hard to get to my goal for Xmas and I want to make it.
Went to the gym today for an hour. I loved it! Hadnt been in 3 days and missed it. Planning on going Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday I have my first CCWLSS meeting (im nervous speaking in front of all those people!!) and Thursday I have a dinner with all my netball buddies.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend :0)

-skinny "GET ME A FILL DAMMIT!"biddy :0)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I feel exhausted today and very nauseous. I have been so busy this week, I've worked 2 extra days, gone to gym in arvos or the shops, come home and been swamped with things to do. I havent had the chance to relax. I didnt get up until midday today and after I got home from pedi and nail infill I went to bed until 7.20 tonight.
I was planning on going to the gym yesterday, WAAAAY too hot. And I couldnt today. I set the alarm to get up, but I just could not do it!
So tomorrow I have a plan to make myself go- my car is on empty and the gym is next to my fave petrol station so I have to go so I can fill up :0)
Im also a little dizzy tonight. I didnt get a chance to eat until 4 pm today. Something I dont normally do. I was at salon getting nails done for 3 hrs- I didnt know it was going to take that long. So I think because I came home and ate my blood sugars are all over the place.
My dietician emailed me about the weight thing. She said that because its new (my exercising) I would be putting on muscle. Usually it happens more so with weights but can with cardio. So Im sticking it out for a month. I mean my clothes are looser, had to even put my belt up the next knotch on some new pants I bought...
Will post more pics this week when my computer is fixed..

-skinny biddy :0)