Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last few days....

Hi Guys,

Band land has been challenging this week. Its improved each day as I thought it would. I know have realy good restriction and just need to learn how to best use it to my advantage. I havent had this type of restriction before. I finally feel like I'm banded in a sense of before this fill I could eat lots of foods that most banded people can't eat (like burgers!!!!). So now its time for me to learn how to deal with this and best use the restriction in my favour and eat the most wholesome foods I can.
Checked out my weight loss ticker? I'm pretty stoked. Actually in awe. I've got 2.2 kilos to go before I'm offically 89.9- UNDER 90!! My goal was to get there by Christmas Day, well we've got 6 weeks left until the big day, ah, yeah, I can totally do that! Add in the exercise I plan to start again (with being sick and stress at home it was the last thing on my mind) we have a winner there.
The sister came home yesterday. Well technically this morning at 1 a.m. She seems ok, we cant really talk about baby because she gets snappy. I havent seen much of her so hopefully she returns home from friends place so I can spend some time with her.
Not looking forward to working a full week this week. Im not against working 5 days a week, its not a lazy thing. I just don't want to be there. I am over it. I've realised I am giving way to much of myself to a job that I don't even know that I will have next year. I will not use my unpaid weekends to do preschool shit. I will not. I am putting me first.
Thats all for now. Anyone wanna give me yummy recipes or anything I'd appreciate them. For some reason all my passion for cooking has disappeared and my food ideas are out the window!!!!

-skinny "getting closer to that 89.9" biddy :0)


Diz said...

You are doing fantastically. Good for you for making yourself a priority. Hey Girl, I've been keeping up more on my Dizbanded blog than on the DizRant blog. The DizRant blog is the one for my nonbanded friends. They don't know about the band. Hope I didn't confuse you too much.

Melanie said...

That's great weight loss and you're so close now. Look at your ticker - you've lost more than you've got to go! Can't wait to get to that point. As for your work, well, childcare workers are one of the most undervalued and underpaid people in Australia. You'd get much better pay and conditions if you were an infants or primary teacher. After doing well at TAFE you'd no doubt to well in a teaching course at uni. Ever thought about it? Mel