Monday, May 25, 2009

Fill it baby!

Went back to the surgeon today (one week after getting .5mls out) to get .2mls in. I had put on 800 grams. Not too bad. But I wouldnt have been able to get a fill in a few more weeks and I didnt want that weight gain snowballing and ending up having gained 5 kilos. So we'll see how that all goes!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally back!

I was having serious internet withdrawals. I love my iphone but I am not looking forward to my bill next month! I am still waiting on my new lappy but the home net went too. Baaah!
Ok so last weekend I was throwing up everything. I couldn't keep anything down. I went out to breakfast with the guy on Sunday morning and when I couldnt drink my hot chocolate without it getting stuck I knew I had to call to get fill out. I was a mess. I hadnt really eaten a proper meal in a few weeks (TOTALLY my stupid fault for thinking my band would naturally loosen and I didnt have to go get fill out) and I became really emotional. So I called Monday morning, took the day off work, and went and got some out.
Since then I've been eating really well, have a lot more energy and getting back into the swing of things. I feel like I am eating too much however and have booked a fill for Monday. Only .2 mls- just to get the edge off.
I have been thinking a lot about the gym in the last few days. I am finding it hard to get there because of the distance it is from my place. With Uni starting, work, and seeing the guy when I can its hard. So I have decided to defer for the time being and stick with the treadmill at home as well as my dads fancy weight machine. I want to add more outdoorsy activities too (yeah, hilarious since we are approaching winter). I am going to look into buying an elliptical trainer too. I heart those mofos hard!
I received all my Uni modules for next Term yesterday. Iwas looking at them trying not to let them intimate me. I actually decided to start working on my first one "Introduction to Contemporary Society" last night. It is really interesting and I am looking forward to studying. However when I was reading about the assessment requirements I really wasnt sure if I had signed up to the right course or some kinky sex course instead... I am required to video tape role plays for assessments and hand them in. So two things I need to do- buy a video camera ( I have the money for that, I was so broke this week Mum had to pay my phone bill) and I also have to find a role play partner. The guy offered his services... but Im not sure if he realises we would actually be working!! Haha.....
Hope everyone is well. Missed blogging a lot!! Glad to be back!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Struggle

The struggle to write about my band is increasing daily. What do you want to know? My food? Because food isn't a big deal to me anymore. I have no emotional ties to it. My exercise? Hmmm yeah.... need to get back into that. I really really slackened off when the gym got really pushy. They were trying to take some credit for my weight loss which pissed me off so I stopped going. They were also trying to tell me what to do. UM NO....Bridget does things her own way.
Emotionally I could blab for hours. I think thats what this blog will has/will turn into.
New photo in my photo gallery of my hair. Quick photo. I KNOW I need to update. Gosh I havent shown body photos in months! Get my act into gear!
As for my goal.... I am really really unsure. I love I'm 89.5 now. Love it. I adore I'm a size 14. I want a 12. I want to be in the 70's. But I am happy at the moment with the way things are going. Slow and steady is working for me right now. I feel for me now any more weight loss is an added bonus. I've been given a new body, a new found self confidence, new found love of my body, a new love, a new career prospect, new friends.... you know all this. I harp on about it all the time!!!
Tomorrow- day off. I plan to laze in bed for a few hours watching movies. I used to do that all the time. I bet I last less than a whole movie. Then I'll be bored and want to do something. Haha

Monday, May 11, 2009

Latest Castch-up

Howdy people,

So my laptop is broken.... will get one in the next few weeks so I might not be posting much for a little while....
News... hmm..... well I spent the weekend with my man. We are in a relationship but hes very cautious about letting me in. Situation is messy. But we had an awesome weekend together. He actually told me he loves me! I love him too. Its such a weird thing for me. Having someone tell me I'm beautiful and that my body is amazing. I've never had a guy tell me that before. Hard to take sometimes! But I'm learning to love it! Hehe. So there is a huge smile on my face.
Banding wise- I was kinda given a "banding intervention"on the weekend by my man, mum and dad. My band is too tight. Everytime I eat it gets stuck and I am pbing once a day. Its very odd- its come on all of a sudden! I booked in to have some fill out- I couldnt get in for 2 weeks.... so I will monitor it- not push the food- make sure I eat sloppy food (dont want swelling) and keep my nutrients up.
Exercise is non-existant. I am struggling to fit it in.
I am happy. I'm in love. Happy with the way life is turning out. Happy with myself and my body.....yes people..... I am really honestly starting to love my body....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Had A Moment...

I still wake up to this day, and at least once a day and find myself being in awe of my new life. I did this for myself..... I DID THIS FOR MYSELF......
If you out there (yes, you who's reading this!) are thinking about getting banded.... do it.... the journey it will take you on will enrich your life......

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Did It.....

I cracked the 90 yesterday :0)
I'm 89.8.... I cried!
So my laptop is stuffed at the moment so its hard to update. And I've had a very very emotional weekend/week so far with the boy. I cant remember what Ive said about the boy but I don't want to really go into it.....we are together but we arent. Its a relationship without a label. He doesnt want to hurt me so he is being cautious. Hes in a little bit of a tricky situation (nothing i cant handle) and he doesnt want me to get tangled into the mess. But we'll see.....
Life is revolved around this situation for the past few days/weeks. Once it has some sort of stability I can get back into focusing on other aspects of my life like Uni thats coming up soon!!
Im pretty emotionally spent so I am going to leave it short and sweet. The main thing is I FINALLY CRACKED THE 90!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Its A-Happening!!

Check out the Weight Loss Ticker!!!

I'm 90.8!!!!! Sooo close!!