Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Struggle

The struggle to write about my band is increasing daily. What do you want to know? My food? Because food isn't a big deal to me anymore. I have no emotional ties to it. My exercise? Hmmm yeah.... need to get back into that. I really really slackened off when the gym got really pushy. They were trying to take some credit for my weight loss which pissed me off so I stopped going. They were also trying to tell me what to do. UM NO....Bridget does things her own way.
Emotionally I could blab for hours. I think thats what this blog will has/will turn into.
New photo in my photo gallery of my hair. Quick photo. I KNOW I need to update. Gosh I havent shown body photos in months! Get my act into gear!
As for my goal.... I am really really unsure. I love I'm 89.5 now. Love it. I adore I'm a size 14. I want a 12. I want to be in the 70's. But I am happy at the moment with the way things are going. Slow and steady is working for me right now. I feel for me now any more weight loss is an added bonus. I've been given a new body, a new found self confidence, new found love of my body, a new love, a new career prospect, new friends.... you know all this. I harp on about it all the time!!!
Tomorrow- day off. I plan to laze in bed for a few hours watching movies. I used to do that all the time. I bet I last less than a whole movie. Then I'll be bored and want to do something. Haha


Anonymous said...

I love days off :)

Great to hear you're in a good place emotionally and physically. That's all that matters really!