Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time Flies...

When you're having fun....

And I am! I've started completing things on my Bucket List, I'm dating (geez its heapsa fun!), enjoying my 5 weeks off work I get given each year as a "let's try and keep you sane a little" break and spending lots of time with my gorgeous friends who I appreciate very much.

I'm back to work soon and need to get back on track eating wise.... at the end of last year I was super stressed (um yeah a false tumor will do that too you) and under a huge amount of pressure with work. I barely ate. I didn't lose weight because my metabolism was fucked. So my new way of thinking is I'll pack a lot of snacks for the day at work seeing that I don't get a lunch break so I can just nibble throughout.

So bandsters..... comment time!! Can you please give me some healthy snack suggestions? I do love the nuts, celery, carrots and salsa type thang but it'll only last for so long!