Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hey guys,

So I found out a week or so ago that the tumor is benign. They are leaving the little fella in there and will monitor it and see if it grows. They decided to leave it in there because its right in the middle of my liver.
So a big relief! Now I can focus on more important things! Like living!!
Australian Passport is organised, and my British one will be done this week also. I've been offered 11 jobs so far over in the UK. None of them stand out to me though, so I plan to wait and see what else is on offer.
Banding wise- its tiiiiight!!! Proooobably a little too tight. At first I thought it was due to stress, now I'm not sure. I've definately lost a lot of weight recently. I plan to have fill taken out for I leave for the UK so my thinking is I'll put up with the tightness just for now.
I've started using body wraps from a company called "It Works!" I was unsure if theyd actually work however on my first go I lost 7.5 cms around my waist. I figured if it helps out and I can avoid a tummy tuck then thats brilliant!
Man front- no boys allowed. I've read an amazing book which I highly recommend- "Textbook Romance" by Zoe Foster. It really spelt things out for me. It's probably best for me to stay away from men for now anywho seeing as I'm moving!
Work is wrapping up for the year so I'm busy organising the end of year concert etc. I can't wait for my 5 weeks off. Unsure what I'll do with myself though! Lots of me time! Anyone have any suggestions?
I enrolled in French classes, I'm trying to fill the blank spaces in my life and make sure my life is as enriched as possible. I learnt after my little tumor scare how important I AM and that I need to do things for moi! I also started focusing on my spirituality again and its really helping.
Hope all is well. I do apologise. I forget I have a blog most of the time. But whenever I come on I love to see the support :)