Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally back!

I was having serious internet withdrawals. I love my iphone but I am not looking forward to my bill next month! I am still waiting on my new lappy but the home net went too. Baaah!
Ok so last weekend I was throwing up everything. I couldn't keep anything down. I went out to breakfast with the guy on Sunday morning and when I couldnt drink my hot chocolate without it getting stuck I knew I had to call to get fill out. I was a mess. I hadnt really eaten a proper meal in a few weeks (TOTALLY my stupid fault for thinking my band would naturally loosen and I didnt have to go get fill out) and I became really emotional. So I called Monday morning, took the day off work, and went and got some out.
Since then I've been eating really well, have a lot more energy and getting back into the swing of things. I feel like I am eating too much however and have booked a fill for Monday. Only .2 mls- just to get the edge off.
I have been thinking a lot about the gym in the last few days. I am finding it hard to get there because of the distance it is from my place. With Uni starting, work, and seeing the guy when I can its hard. So I have decided to defer for the time being and stick with the treadmill at home as well as my dads fancy weight machine. I want to add more outdoorsy activities too (yeah, hilarious since we are approaching winter). I am going to look into buying an elliptical trainer too. I heart those mofos hard!
I received all my Uni modules for next Term yesterday. Iwas looking at them trying not to let them intimate me. I actually decided to start working on my first one "Introduction to Contemporary Society" last night. It is really interesting and I am looking forward to studying. However when I was reading about the assessment requirements I really wasnt sure if I had signed up to the right course or some kinky sex course instead... I am required to video tape role plays for assessments and hand them in. So two things I need to do- buy a video camera ( I have the money for that, I was so broke this week Mum had to pay my phone bill) and I also have to find a role play partner. The guy offered his services... but Im not sure if he realises we would actually be working!! Haha.....
Hope everyone is well. Missed blogging a lot!! Glad to be back!


Angie said...

Hey sweetie! Always good to get an update from you.

For your uni class, they won't make you buy a video camera. You'll be able to sign one out from the prof or from your school's library, I'm almost positive. It wouldn't be right or fair to have to have everyone buy one!

Bridget said...

Angie- I am doing the course via I can't loan one!! Sucks royally.... but I can claim it back on tax which is a positive :0)
Miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Bummer about the band struggle. Good luck with the uni stuff!

Em :)

Melanie said...

Good to have you back - I'd check on the requirement to video a role play - the uni can't expect everyone to have access to a video camera as that would be an equity issue - there should be an alternative for you provided. All the best