Saturday, November 29, 2008


Ok so I'm having a pretty brilliant week. Not only did I jump on the scales this morning to see 91.5----- (with a loss this week of 1.9 kilos. Eating will make you lose weight people, remember that!) BUT I just found out that I have the job at preschool!!!!!!!!
I am so stoked. Things have done such a 180 in my life. In such a short space of time I've found myself. I've found a part of myself that once I didn't even dare dream of. I've found smiles, laughter, joy, happiness, success, confidence, friends, life. Life.
My mind cannot even begin to process this journey so far. I think when it finally hits me it's going to hit hard.
I am so close to my Christmas goal. 1.6 kilos away from being under 90 kilos. 500 grams away from having lost 30 kilos in 9 months.

I'm going out tonight to celebrate!

-skinny biddy

6 comments: said...

Congratulations Bridget!!
I am soooo sooooo happy for you! You're such an inspiration - and it's really amazing to hear about how much your life has turned around...
I FINALLY have my banding date - after 4 months of waiting... 18th December :)
Keep smiling!
L xo

Nikki said...


That's bloody brilliant news x 2!

Isn't it weird how eating more can make you lose weight!! SO happy for you!!

Melanie said...

When i first starting reading your blog back in June (to learn what lapbanding was all about you'd lost about 18kg and were angsting about getting down to 100 kg for your 21st! Now a few months later, you're looking down the barrel at 90kg. You are truly amazing and congratulations on getting the job.

Dianne said...

Standing on a hill & shouting to the world - "I'M VERY PROUD OF BRIDGET!!" Well done Bridg - you really deserve all the happiness that comes your way!!!!!!!! I just read your post to my hubby & he said - wow what an inspirational young lady!!

LapBandGirl said...

Fantastic work girl! You are just smashing your weight loss and life goals! I can feel your happiness! :) Bottle that feeling and sell it if you can!!

LBG xx

mjwdec73 said...

Woohooo - go you!!