Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bitchy Barbie

Hi Guys,

So in combination of being sick, being hormonal, being stressed and just having a fill Im having a shocker. Sticking to liquids for the time being. Just pb'd my attempt at dinner- Easy Mac. So as of tomorrow I'm doing Opti-fast for a few days. You are probably wondering why I am not going back to Dr right away to get fill out. Its because I know in a few days I'll be fine, when my little friend arrives things will be better, I'll have the opposite problem- I'll eat too much! But like I said before, I am not going to be silly about it at all. I am going to monitor it and see how its all going.
My sister told us last week that she is pregnant. She has just moved to Perth (left two months ago on her 18th birthday) and shes now 7 weeks. Its been a huuuuugge shock. Shes coming home on Saturday and Im really excited. The past few days Ive experienced a huge range of emotions. I was sad because being the oldest I thought I would have children first and offer her advice on how to raise hers (its a big sister thing and ive had a few other big sisters tell me they felt the same, so i didnt feel so selfish!). I was annoyed because I adore children. I think about being a mother every day. When I was 18 I was told it might be harder for me to have children, I work with children. She didnt seem phased about this next amazing step in her life. Then I was sad again because shes in Perth and I dont want to miss out on all this. I wanna be able to see ultrasounds, help make yummy healthy food and talk to her about baby names! But now shes coming home for a few weeks Im excited to see her and share some of her journey. I am worried however that all this will be too hard for her. Especially being away from family over in another state. Anyway.... thats the issue.
Hope all is well. Im gonna try and de stress for the next 4 days to get this band looser. Opti Slim tomorrow- mmmm chocolate spearmint is yummy!!!
p.s.... will be taking heaps of photos this weekend. promise to post them!


Zena said...

No wonder your emotions have been all over the place and your stress levels have hit the roof, It's alot to take in, I promise you though after you get over the shock it will be everyday life as usual and as soon as the baby is born he/she will be just part of the family, and as far as advice goes you will still be ale to give advice and I am sure your sister will still look for your advice as you are her big sis, and I always ask my big sis for advice, it doesn't matter weather or not she has had a baby first in that respect.
As far as different states go, Yes that will be difficult, my sister moved to the U.S for about 12 years and it is hard, but now with the internet it will be bearable and you will keep in touch via a webcam I'm sure.

Cheer up sweetie and count your blessing's. I remember when my sister moved away we all mourned for her it was just so awfull, But you will still be able to see them both quite often I am sure ( I don't know how many miles between you).

Zena xx

Melanie said...

That's seems so young to be having a child - Bridget, I'm sure with all your enthusiasm and experience with kids you'll be a wonderful aunty to the new little human in our world. Perth, is a long way away but honestly, my brother is an hour away from me and I see his kids no more than a few times a year. I think it all depends on your determination to be involved and how open your sister is to having you in their lives - it doesn't sound like this will be a problem. Hope the band issue settles down - mine did - they're tempermental little bastards aren't they! Cheers, Mel

LapBandGirl said...

Huge news babes... considering how you feel about the whole thing.. but I'm sure you'll get through it. On the bright side, you've got a new neice or nephew to look forward to!! That has got to be exciting :) Good luck hun!

Diz said...

Congratulations on being an Auntie! I love being one, and I know you'll be great! Don't be in a hurry to have children Bridget. While they are a blessing, you should have fun in your 20's. You won't regret it.