Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Magic of Breakfast

Ok.... I'm converted. I am a fan of breakfast. I've lost 500 grams in the last few days- since I've started eating breakfast. I'm not eating much, but at least something is going into my stomach.

Todays food:

Breakfast- 1/3 of a mashed banana
Snack- handful nuts
Lunch- shepherds pie
Snack- chocolate milk (had a craving hehehe)
Dinner- Fish and veggies

Not more work for the week for me. I'm really glad. I've had such a hard few weeks/months that the next few days I plan on relaxing and having a good time. Tomorrow I have no plans except to sleep in and do a tafe assignment. I feel a little guilty (not too much though hehe) because I haven't done a thing for tafe in a month. I'm bored with it.

All for today. Thanks for the motivating comments guys. I appreciate it

-skinny "closer to the xmas goal" biddy :0)


Bee said...

I used to skip Breakfast to, but not anymore! It really does help to kick start your metabolism, even if it isnt much, anything is good! Your doing so well & you look great!

Bee xx

LapBandGirl said...

Breakfast is pretty awesome eh? I've discovered all the gorgeous summer fruits, like mangoes, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, nectarines etc. I make myself a cup of fruit salad and have it with some yoghurt (spaced out over about an hour). it's soooooo good!!

Anonymous said...


Just been catching up on your blog for the past month - you've had some ups and downs hey! But looks like you're on the right track now.

I'm so jealous that you'll be under 90 for xmas! I'm working towards 95. But good on ya!

Em :)

Nikki said...

YAY! Another breakfast convert! I used to hate it too, but its really important! Think about how long between dinner and the next time you eat! No wonder its important! Your body is running on empty when you wake up and your metabolism slows right down to conserve!!