Monday, November 3, 2008

Fuck a Duck

So I called Fill Dr today. He apologised for not calling me back.
I told him I needed a fill and didn't want to wait 3 weeks. That I was exercising heaps and eating fairly well and could eat lots. He agreed to see me Thursday afternoon in between surgeries he needed to do. He then asked if I could eat potatoes. I said probably. I wasnt sure. He seemed worried about that answer and said "thats not good, you might have a leak in your band". Well brilliant. 8.30 am Monday morning- NOT what I wanted to hear.
I personally don't think that I have a band issue. My restriction seemed to get looser when I uped my exercise. My fills have always lasted about a month. Ive read about people who have taken over a year to get to their sweet spot. People years down the track still get fills. Its an adjustable thing. I've also heard that the faster you lose it, the more fills you will need.
Guys I need you to tell me what you think. I'm driving myself crazy here. Last thing I fucken need is another surgery. I don't think I will need it. But I know you will reassure me or tell me the truth.
I didnt go to the gym this afternoon. I stayed back at work and made a paper xmas tree to put up on the wall. I might hit it tomorrow. Cant Wednesday (might treadmill it) or Thursday as Im at the hospital right after work getting a fill. Im usually exhausted Tuesday because I have all the major cleaning at work. But Im gonna push past that.

-skinny "grrrrrrr"biddy :0)


to b ME said...

hey hun,
sux hey, a bit of a set back for u, but im sure u just need to be filled up buttercup ;), and u r doing soooo fantastic, very proud of u! good he is going to see u... looking forward to wednesday.... :) THANKU for my comments on my blog, really nice to have ur support n advice... keep doing what u r doin, u r really going great!!!!


Melanie said...

Seems a bit radical to provisionally diagnose a leak in the band based on a comment about eating potato! Doesn't seem like good evidence-based medicine to me. Surely they'll know how much should be in your band, withdraw the fluid to see if it's still in there on Thursday and then put it all plus a ml in the band. How bizarre but what an awful worry for you. Take care

oozyxena said...

Yes I agree with Mel, seems a bit odd to jump to conclusions and make you all worried based on a poxy potato and you only said probably!!!, Don't panic Bridget, wait and see.

Unknown said...

That is really irresponsible. You don't tell anyone over the phone that they might have a leak in their band. Your band is doing exactly what it has been doing all the way through. And WTF do potatoes have to do with it? I'm really angry now - grrrrrrrr

Don't worry about it - seriously. Focus on getting through the next few days - push into the exercise and just stay strong.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...but what a dickhead!!
What the hell has whether you can eat potatoes or not have to do with having a leak in your band??

Ummm I can eat potatoes...does that mean I have a leak in my band?! How stupid! Don't let his irresponsible comment get to you Bridget.

Glad you got an appointment earlier though :)

I find that I get hungrier with exercise...that's not a bad thing though. Just your body doing what it's meant to do. The extra fill will help take the edge off the hunger.

As for getting regular adjustments...well I am the Queen of the Fill and Unfill!! That is the whole point of the is ADJUSTABLE!!Don't be afraid to use the band to help you...afterall that is what you got it for :)

Go for it!!!!!!
Jen xx

Unknown said...

I can't eat potatoes - OMG I might have a leak!! This dude sounds like a bit of a quack. I remember my nutritionist told me that post banding different food goes down for different people, some people have problems with rice, bread and potatoes and others don't? Sounds like you have been given a scare unnecessarily.

Keep up the good work with the exercise, I know I am loving it. Just had a week break from it and can't wait to get back into it today.

LapBandGirl said...

I can eat potatos... mashed.. not chips... what kind of a dumb assed question is that? He has no idea! Good luck with that, I don't think you have a leak, you just need a fill!

Much Love xxx