Monday, November 10, 2008

Ok, now I get it

I am super stressed. I went home sick on Friday and had today off. I've also called in sick for tomorrow and Wednesday (I have a short week this week). I am suffering from a major cold and have a huge family crisis happening. Today I've noticed it hit me band wise. I can't do food, only liquids. Great for the weight loss....... Im joking. I'm going to address it if it lasts longer than a week.
I want to open up and tell you the issue but I think I might wait a little longer.
Its pretty much taken over my life since it happend a few days ago. Im not coping. I fainted on Friday night from the stress of it all.
No exercise because of cold and im not in the mood at all.
Things are hard at home like I said, so today something really meaningful happend for me. Dad gave me his ring that his mother gave to him in 1981. Its Sterling Silver and has black onyx. It was a really nice moment, so im wearing it and wont let it out of my sight!
In response to the title of the blog, I totally get now why people who are stressed turn to "easy foods" to eat. Foods that go down super well that might be not so great calorie wise. I havent done that, but I just understand it now.
Off to attempt to eat something. If not, drink something.



BigGurlURBeautiful said...

Hey Bridget...
I am sorry that you are going through hard times... I hope that you find that strenght within to get through whatever it is thats getting you down... know that there are alot of people who take inspiration from you and people are thinking of you during this time...
much luv xox Crista*

Melanie said...

Wow, it dounds heavy but you sound like you're handling it as best as can be expected. Well done for not resorting to crap food. I hope all works out well. Looking at your ticker - you're halfway to goal! Wow. Mel

oozyxena said...

I hope things get better and whatever the issue is I hope it is resolved very soon.You are right it is so easy to turn to crap food when you are under pressure, well done for not going down that road!!!

My thoughts are with you and I hope you find the strength within yourself to deal with things...I know it's there!


Diz said...

Hey Girl, don't know if you're into this, but I've been doing deep breathing and muscle tension/relaxation when I go to bed at night. Along with the serenity prayer, it drops my bloodpressure by 20 pts and eases my stress. Stay strong, we're with you.

LapBandGirl said...

Look after yourself hun... I hope all is OK.. sending you some big *hugs*

Unknown said...

Sounds like you are handling it as well as you can. Sometimes liquids are your friend. I'm so proud of you for not succumbing to crap.

**** hugs ****