Friday, November 7, 2008

Sick as a Dog

I never understood that saying........

I left work early today. Not something that I have ever done before. Usually I battle through. I decided that I needed rest so I went home. Before I went home I had to go to the shops and buy things for my craft program next week. Boss is meant to pay me back everytime I buy something, I spent $70.... I totally didn't mean to. I feel kinda bad about that, its a lot of money in our small little centre. I do need the stuff.... maybe give her the reciepts every few weeks? Lol. That way it doesnt seem as big an amount.... lol.
Fill going well. Its perfect actually. I am never hungry (being sick also would make band tighter) and eating very small amounts. Drinking lots of water because Im sick. I am not having major issues getting things down. Today I've had a sweet thai chilli chicken wrap. One half for lunch and eating the other half right now for dinner.
Got my work Xmas party dress this afternoon!! I tried it on and it fits perfectly. Most revealing dress I've ever bought. Big step for me. I will take photos of it when Im feeling better. The major thing for me though is that I bought a dress from that store mid July and it was a 24.... this one is a 16. So although the weight on the scales has only changed 7 or so kilos (I cant remember), my dress size has massively changed. TAKE THAT INTO ACCOUNT PEOPLE!!
Tomorrow I will try and have a decent sleep in, then its washing 100 bottles and cutting out 100 of each- candy canes, stars, balls, xmas trees and stockings. Argh! Lots to do. So little time!
Last night I had a major, life changing event happen in our family. I dont feel ready to let you know what happened, but our family is in crisis mode. All trying to comes to terms with it. I can honestly say that if I didnt have the band, if I hadnt lost the weight and become a stronger person, i'd be ruined right now. The spirtuality course is helping me big time too...
Have a wonderful weekend friends,



Gemily Lou said...

Ohhh!!! I want to come and do some cutting and pasting! I love that stuff!!!

YEEEHHHHAAA! Size 16! Thats awesome! Im very happy for you! Hopefuly im not to far away from hitting that!

Take care hunny! Hope your feeling better soon! Gems :)

Bee said...

Wow! From a size 24 to a size 16! How should be very proud, that is a great achievement!

Bee xx

mjwdec73 said...

Hope you are feeling better soon sweet - germs are evil!

Thinking of you and your family - hope you are all OK. Be strong, but sometimes it is OK to fall apart too.

Oh, and 24 to 16 - you are awesome!

Kathy said...

Hi Bridget - yep I'm with you and the fill being the most horrible! It didnt take 15mins though! I was bad enough with about 5mins! The bruising is coming out now too...which justifies my whining. Fantastic on the dress size and hope you are feeling well enough to face the next week! Kath

Tully said...

I hope you're feeling better soon and that everything is ok with your family.

By the way, you are doing an awesome job. I am thinking of getting the band so I am reading your blog with interest.

Take care.