Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fill Time!

I need a fill badly. I was trying to go without but I can't. I have three weeks until I am due for my next one. The question is, do I keep on truckin and possibly put on weight in the next three weeks, or call tomorrow and demand to talk to Dr Fill and get in earlier. 3 weeks is a long time. I am working so hard to get to my goal for Xmas and I want to make it.
Went to the gym today for an hour. I loved it! Hadnt been in 3 days and missed it. Planning on going Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday I have my first CCWLSS meeting (im nervous speaking in front of all those people!!) and Thursday I have a dinner with all my netball buddies.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend :0)

-skinny "GET ME A FILL DAMMIT!"biddy :0)


Unknown said...

My gut feeling - call and see if you can get a fill earlier. If you can't, just bump up the exercise - whenever you try not to go, remind yourself just how good you felt today. And then remind me, I need all the reminding I can get right now.

Melanie said...

Try and get that fill but the advice above is also good. i feel blessed as I rang this morning for a fill and got an appointment tomorrow afternoon. Hang in there. Mel