Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thanks peeps!

Thankyou so much for everyone who gave me their advice. Yes it was unprofessional of him to say that to me. I will mention that to him on Thursday. I personally think I just need a fill. Not a big one, .2 or .3 would do me fine.
Yes it is very true that all bandits are different. I can eat things im sure some of you cant. The band works in mysterious ways, and being a Dr you SHOULD KNOW THAT.
Today I did something I havent done in a very very long time....................... i ate breakfast. Normally Barbie and I dont like food before 11 am. Today we were hungry. We ate eggs. It was yum!
Tomorrow night I have my first support meeting that Ive organised. Slightly nervous. Moreso excited at the fact that this is my little baby that is growing up before my eyes! Will be a good turn out apparently. Thats if I can find the bloody place.... wish me luck with that! Lol.
I havent been to the gym since Sunday and I wont be for at least another week. Heres my schedule:
Tuesday night: wash 90 water bottles and take lables off for music shakers
Wed: work, then meeting
Thursday: work, then fill (takes 30 mins to get there and i gotta wait for dr fill to finish surgery)
Friday: work, then programming for work
Saturday: programming for work, clean remaining bottles, start a tafe assignment, shop for things to put into water bottle music shakers for work, write out a list of what chn at preschool want for xmas on a giant santa stocking and try and make it to my friends 21st (thats not looking good with all this to do)
Sunday: course

So thats all for now. I will try and write tomorrow night after my meeting (argh!) and let you know how fill goes on Thursday. Hopefully by Sunday night I have died from exhaustion.... to think, at the beginning of the year I couldnt even leave the house. Now Im never in it!

-skinny "loves her cyber friends"biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Good luck tomorrow night - you will do really well

Melanie said...

You'll be great. Mel