Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Lightbulb Afternoon

Came home from an exhausting day at work and wanted to jump into bed for a few hours. I was wiping off my makeup when I noticed something strange below my neck. MY COLLARBONES. Lol. Ok, I have this thing about collarbones. I've never really seen mine and always wanted to be apart of that crowd. So I was super stoked!
Next cool thing was that I bought this sweet dress off ebay- orange and grey, in a size 14. I thought I'd use it as inspiration for my Christmas goal. I got it this afternoon. Thought for a little laugh I'd try it on. Holy fuck it fits! Me+ size 14...... whoa. Havent fitted into one of those babies since I was 15/16! Huge huge thing! Makes those frustrating numbers on the scales mean a whole lot less.

Todays food:

Breakfast- 1/2 a mango (i used to HATE mango. I've been craving it- super cool!)
Snack- 4 grapes plus a little birthday cake from a kiddies bday today
Lunch- 3 cruskits with pink salmon plus lettuce and a kraft slice of cheese (all i can say is ewwww processed- somethings changed with the old tastebuds!)
Snack- handful nuts
Dinner- Shepherds Pie + veggies

Thanks so much to those who have given me feedback for my food. Yes lpg- I've realised they do go down a little too well those crackers and cheese, thats why I opted for nuts today. Handful keep me full for ages!
Anonymus... thanks so much. I've cut out the juice, keeping the nut/dried fruit combo but only every other day I think. Will go back to yoghurt (needed a break, was having it everyday) and rice cakes in arvo.

Smiles all around...
-skinny "getting somewhere and loving the journey, slow as I might feel it is going" biddy :0)


Anonymous said...

today's food looks awesome! congrats about the dress too!

Zena said...

Congratulations Miss COLLARBONES!! how exciting, I am so pleased for you,I too remember many years ago when I had collarbones, seems like such a long time ago, thanks for reminding me what it's like to have them .


LapBandGirl said...

Love the collarbone action love! Well done!

And yeah, nuts do good things for my band too. I have raw unsalted ones and they are so tasty, but I have decided not to have them every day cos their high in cals.

LBG xx

Melanie said...

Collarbones are sexy - no doubt about it. Well done.