Thursday, November 6, 2008

Like You Said

Woke up sick again today. Worse than yesterday. Nothing major, just a cold in which has zapped all my energy and made me feel like complete crap. Working a full week again this week and finding it hard to get through. One more day left thankgod!
Last night's support group was good. We expected a much bigger turn out from the interest that was shown, around 50-60 people. We had 12 people show up. But it was our first one so we shouldnt have expected too much. Hopefully our December one brings some of the people that said they were interested. It was still a really good meet up.
This arvo I went for a fill. I felt like shit so Mum took the night off work to drive me. I got .2mls in, Dr Fill didnt measure amount of fill but said he wasnt worried about any leaking issues. I knew that would happen! Fill was worst I've had so far. Last time was bad enough with it missing the port and slipping off. This time it took 15 mins of him poking and prodding my stomach. Just before he got it he told me he was considering getting it done under Xray. But thankgod he got it! Thats not to scare future bandsters out there. If you knew me before this surgery you'd know how scared of needles I was. Im totally over it now. I can deal with that needle because of what it gives me. It gives me my life!
I am going to try and get back to the gym next week. Had a busy one and felt under the weather this week so I wasnt going to push it. Kinda missing it though. Only Kinda. Hehehe
I have put on a few kilos in the last 2 weeks. Its a combination of working out (building muscle) and hormonal issues with fluid. Grrr... hopefully with fill I can get closer to my goal of under 90 for Xmas.

All for now... i think im running a temp.... bed time!

-skinny biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Oh honey, I hope you are feeling better soon. Germs suck and blow.

12 is a great start for a support group - just give it some time. I'm so proud of you for getting it going - you have done an amazing job.

samib85 said...

why thankyou my love !!! you're looking hot yourself ! look out jennifer hawkins and megan gale.. those contracts with myer and david jones might not have your names on them for too much longer with us around.. lol !

Renlim73 said...

What an accomplishment twelve is a great start. I hope you feel better soon!