Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tweeking It

I don't normally have anything for breakfast. I usually drink liquids up until lunchtime. I haven't been eating nearly enough fruit and veggies so I went out today and bought a ton of fruit to make a morning fruit juice to take to work and have as my breakfast. That way I have something in my little tum tum and I'm getting the majority of my daily fruit needs.
I will also attempt to keep an online food log so you can let me know how I am going. Hehe.
Back to the gym tomorrow. Will go after work and do minimum of 45 minutes. I plan to go AT LEAST 3 times a week. Now that I am back to doing 3 days a week and my sister issue has died down a little I can get back into my routine. I'm missing it.
Today I went and bought some new jeans. I was jumping up and down with the kiddies last week and they started to fall down. I look like I need to join a gang in them they are so baggy. So off I went to buy them. I bought one pair in Crossroads for $19.95 and thought that was brilliant. Nope, even better- I bought a pair in Millers for $9.95!!! Holy Cow! I'm thinking I might go back on Tuesday afternoon and buy another two pairs, of smaller sizes. With that price I can't turn it down! I also bought some new undies. Kmart- 10 pairs for $20! Sweet!!
Gotta love a bargain...
I'm having issues at work at the moment. Its been hard for me with everything going on with my family life and I havent been my bubbly self. I probably havent been as nice as I could at work. The woman I work with has been a little off with my lately. Not sure if it has to do with me or something else. Apparently she said she didnt want to come to the work xmas party. I hope its nothing to do with me. I have been thinking about it all weekend and have decided tomorrow I am just going to ask her if she is ok, tell her that I know I havent been myself but I am slowly getting there and apologise if I have done anything to upset her. I am not someone who likes the thought that Ive done something to upset someone. It definately would be unintentional. I hope it gets resolved. I hate that I feel so yuck about work.
Stuck on 93.4. Its ok, I'll get passed it. But the increased determination at the moment is because I want to get to my goals. The goals are to be under 90 for Xmas.... so close... 93.5 kilos away! I have a month to do it in. Achieveable? I think so. I just gotta get my arse moving and watch the food I'm putting into my mouth.

-skinny "push me to my goal guys!" biddy :0)

p.s... new november photos up on my photo gallery ......


Zena said...

OMG!!!! you are looking so damn HOT!!!! Well done you little HOTTIE! I lurve the new pic's It's so wonderfull to hear you sounding so positive, If you have upset the chick at work all you can do is apolagise as you said, but don't dwell on it move on, we all have stressed moments, I am sure she will understand.
I love your bargins, I hope when I lose weight I can grab a few bargins too.


LapBandGirl said...

I was told by my surgeon that I should "try" to have something small for breakfast - yoghurt, porridge, smoothie, soft cereal to work the band "prepare" it for the rest of the day. That way I'm not too tight at lunchtime. Try eating that fruit (the soft ones like watermelon, rockmelon etc) so you get the fibre as well. Juice can be a bit high in sugar and not have all the fibre to keep you fuller for longer.

Much love xxx