Monday, December 1, 2008

Knew It

I knew that this bliss wouldn't last long. I'm a little hormonal resulting in scales jumping from 91.5 to 93 overnight. Not paying attention to it. I know its not real weight. My boobs are sore, my face is fat and I feel like an elephant. Scales would equal certain death right now.
My sister is on a plane as we speak. She's coming home again (she was home for 6 days last time).Shes planning on staying until after Xmas. Shes decided pregnancy isn't for her (if u know what i mean), so shes having that sorted out this week. I dont really want to talk about it on here much more because I don't want it to trickle down to someone and cause issues. But yeah....
No news on job front yet. I just want boss to call girl and confirm so I can feel 110% sure ab0ut it all happening.

Over the weight right now. Meh.
Off to an inservice. YUCK. PLEASE KILL ME ALREADY!!! I've already got a headache and that will surely make it worse!



Melanie said...

Hate that hormonal crap! Wow, what an emotional ride with your sister. Having once worked as a nurse in "women's reproductive health" aka an abortion clinic I know no-one makes this decision litely. Take care, Mel

Anonymous said...

Those days happen, tomorrow you'll be back down again no doubt! What a stressful time for you and your sister - I'm sure that's not helping matters. All the best,


Nikki said...

Don't worry too much about the hormonal weight gain, as long as you keep up the good eating then it will disappear fairly quickly.

I hope everything goes ok with your sister. Some people have some pretty closed minded opinions about the decision she has gone with but they don't think about what is best for everyone. I think it's a very brave and mature decision and I hope she gets all the support she needs.

mjwdec73 said...

Hormones are evil and must be destroyed.

I hope everything went OK for your sister.