Sunday, December 7, 2008

Two posts, one day?????

It's time to own up....
I've had a SHOCKING few days of food. Starting with Friday... heres the scoop

Fri- yum cha, chocolate and chinese (I had chicken and cashew... nothing battered)
Sat- chocolate and fettucine bosciola
Sun- here we go.... since I'd been eating crap I thought I may as well top the weekend off with a nice dinner of mcdonalds. AH NO. Not once, but twice, did I pb it. I kept going- went back to it later. Well, that certainly did snap me outta it.

I feel like shit. My skin feels like its oozing out grease and my hair looks like shit (and I just washed it) BACK TO BUSINESS....
Hard thing is that tomorrow we have our preschool xmas concert/party in which there is mountains of shittyness food. But, I will survive. I gotta get back onto the horse and ride it all over my Xmas goal. I lost focus. But I'm back on top of it.
Back to daily food diaries...
Will leave scales until next week. I'm due this week (hence shitty food) and I don't want to completely screw my head up entirely.

-skinny "I'm awake!!" biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

You know something - beating yourself up isn't going to make it better. So hop back on - you know you can do it and just keep going.

Oh, and stop beating yourself up please. You can't change what has happened, and wasting time dwelling on it won't help. Be nice to yourself -hormones are a bitch!

Anonymous said...

hey biddy, things happen in cycles...good and bad...sounds like you are in a bad cycle. i know that i can eat good for a while then for some unknown reason go bad. maybe it's the moon, maybe i'm just bored. think back over the last few months and i bet you do this cycling business. if only it burnt calories!

to b ME said...

hey gorgeous,
how u doin? sounds like u r feelin kinda low...i can relate, but try not to dwell on ur food choices, u have and r doing soooo great...we all have ou bad food days, iv had a few myself lately...but all we can do is go ok, i didnt make the best choices, and move forward and get back on is hard when u feel really low and bad about it though.
But remember U R AMAZING and have come so so so far from where u were...thinkin of u....
yum cha was yummy though lol ;),
catch up soon... xox