Sunday, December 7, 2008


Lost that motivation, desire etc. I kinda think thats a good thing. You can definately get obsessed with trying to lose weight, the scales and every morsel that hits your lips.
Not feeling 100% tonight. Had a yummy fettucine bosciola from the lovely italian restuarant down the road. However my stomach hasnt liked it and Im feeling really sick. I havent eaten such great foods in the last two days because I've been out. So Im feeling really yuck. Thats a good indicator for me however. Because I've been eating quite well and the last few days of shittyness have caused a reaction. It's good because now I will be able to keep myself in better check. I won't eat shit as much because I dont want to feel shit.
Shit I said shit a lot. Lol
Scales are 92/93. I'm due this week so I am expecting that to go up further. I better not have ANY fluid on Monday- I have the preschool Xmas concert and I'm wearing a tightish top and I dont wanna have a fluid baby on board. Especially when there will be photos.
I am a little disheartened with the weight. Want to be under 90 so much. Im so busy Im not getting to the gym and working hard on food (count out last few days). Still have time. It might happen. I'd adore it.
I was looking at the BMI. When I get to 81 I'll be "prone to health risks" lol. 10 kilos to go until I'm prone to health risks. Man the BMI is a harsh mother fucker. IGNORE!
All for now. I'm tired and desperate to get back to reading the Twilight series. Me, addicted? Never!!! lol.



mjwdec73 said...

Not sure I'm so keen on you stealing the contents of my brain - but thank you for expressing them so well.

And yes, you said shit a lot, but who gives a flying f***?!!!!?

Melanie said...

Hey we all have those days and times I think. I loved the Twilight series and plan to go and see the film on thursday, Mel

Bel said...

Hi Bridget,

I haven't had the band yet (Jan herre I come), but let me just say that they don't call this time of year the silly season for nothing!

Be kind to yourself! Ride out this busy time and just do the best you can.