Thursday, December 11, 2008

Biggest Fear

Since having the band my biggest fear has been getting a stomach bug. Seems it has come true. Not only do I have a cold and my friend visiting, I have a fucken stomach bug. It was really weird for me to establish that I had one. I noticed after eating I was throwing up. Now the difference was that I wasnt having any issues eating the food- it didnt seem stuck. I had a sudden wage of nausea then would run to the bathroom because I knew I wanted to be sick. It is super hard to explain folks so hope you can bare with me. So I'm staying away from food at the moment. I don't feel hungry at all, actually feeling replused by everything. I'm not throwing up heaps, I will monitor it- if I feel its a little too much Im hitting the hospital to get something to stop it.
Nothing much else to report. Scales are not being touched. Now that would be silly. Started Xmas shopping. I hate it. So many people pushed into small shops freaks me out man!
There is a boy. (Guess there was more to report than I thought) We;ve been talking for aaaages. He disappeared for a few months and relocated further away from me. We've never met but we've had this thing for each other that seems to be growing. Its gotten to a point where the boy is saying things like " id come see you every weekend". This is weird for me. The boy was always the kind you dont bring home to mother or father. He was a bad boy who was single but never alone. Hes utterly charming and cute. Do I meet him? I want to, my stupid little "old bridget" voice is saying "he wont like you bridget, you are replusive" and thats fucking this all up....
Babysitting ALL DAY tomorrow. Argh. I am not looking forward to that, especially when Im sick. Kids are going to have to entertain themselves me thinks!

-skinny "facing her throw up fear" biddy :0S


Tammy said...

Hey Bridget,Just a question,Could you maybe be pregnant,it is just what you have described was exactly how i was at the start of my pregnancy,if there is a even a slight chance you may want to get a test ready,Cheers ,Good Luck either way,Tammy

Nikki said...

oh you poor thing. I had a stomach flu last week and spent 48 hours throwing up, was not fun. So I feel your pain.

About the boy, just go with the flow. And don't think so negative about yourself! Don't make me come back to Australia and kick your butt!