Friday, December 26, 2008

Full Tummy

Hey guys,

I am soooooooooo full. I hate it. I hate being able to eat so much. HATE HATE HATE IT! I cannot wait until Jan 5th. I hate not feeling like Im in control. I hate that I feel like a fat elephant.
So the plan is- drink shit loads of water and keep a food diary. I am going to make sure I stick to it. No more little treats. I have 5 boxes of chocolates here. I gotta get rid of them. I dont want them. Im thinking friends are getting late Xmas presents... lol.....
Santa is coming for me tomorrow. I spent Xmas alone unfortunately.
I had a date today. First offical date. IT SUCKED. Lol. My friend bailed me out. I am fine with the suck factor. I learnt heaps. I CAN go out on a date. And I can put myself out there. That I have nothing to lose :0)
I also learnt this week that I can drink. I am now best friends with Riccadonna. We love each other. Since last weekend I didnt drink because I didnt think I could. Everytime I drank Id get a sore throat after a few sips. Now it doesnt take me much at all to get tipsy. I am right now and Ive had one and a half. Heheehe. But its good to know I can drink...
All for now...


Melanie said...

Hey, if you want to stall your weight loss, drink alcohol. Don't get into Riccadonna too much (ha! says me who is drinking several glasses of alcohol every day currently). It's amazing to think you've almost lost 30 kg - Jan 5 will come around soon enough and your strategies for handling this time sound good.

samib85 said...

you know what also rocks out ? Rosemount O. That's the only thing (apart from Ricadonna) that i can actually drink.. LOL !!!
PS. How was my acting on the phone ? Twilight standard ? :P

Tina :o) said...

Oh i know that since being banded it does not take much to get tipsy now. But hey i wonder if that is a good thing or

Take care you have done so well with your weight loss congratulations to you:O)
Bring on Jan 5th for you.

Cheers Tina