Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh bugger

Dad bought new scales today. I knew we needed them since the old ones would tell me 5 different readings and I had to basically use the reading that came up the most. Lol. Apparently these are really good- well they are really good. They read the same as the fancy doctors one. Hence I am 2 kilos heavier on them! So with a full days meals, fluid from upcoming friend I'm 95. Ouch. Don't think I'll make my Christmas goal. We'll see...

One hour later:
I can't eat a thing.... I'm getting sick and I'm hormonal. Cruskits won't even go down. Tomorrow I'm on liquids, opti and soup


Melanie said...

Change of scales that weigh heavier!! That sounds awful - no doubt things will be better when we are over this hump!!

mjwdec73 said...

Yay for new and accurate scales - boo for new scales 2 kilos heavier.

I thought you were staying off them for a couple of weeks? Definitely stay off them at night after you've been eating - that is depressing at the best of times.

Hope today is a better day

Nikki said...

oh man, that sucks!

I hope you at least get close to your Xmas goal. 5kg in 16 days is a big ask, but you might get half that though! That's still pretty good!

Hope your feeling better soon.

to b ME said...

hey girl,
STAY OFF THOSE SCALES!!! give ur mind and body a break!!! As for the being sick thing... r u sure ur band isnt too tight, u have been having a bit of trouble with it lately...? U r doing so well and keep at it...hide those scales for a week and then u may get a nice surprise before chrissy....Miss ya :>,