Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eyes To The Front

So my ankle was being a cow from when I did it Thursday until last night. Aching etc. It was very sore on Friday so I didnt go to the gym after work. But cut to Friday night I couldnt sit still so I took some panadol and strapped it up. I walked for an hour on the treadmill at home.
Got up Saturday morning and went to the gym also for an hour.
Today I woke up a little sore. I was planning on the gym but I've decided I'll just use the treadmill tonight for an hour.
This weeks exercise has been:
Monday- nil
Tuesday- 1 hr cardio
Wednesday- nil
Thursday- pt session (next week will go in earlier to do cardio beforehand)
Friday- 1 hr cardio
Saturday- 1 hr cardio
Sunday- 1 hr cardio
Can you tell? I'm totally in the zone!!! Its weird..... but goooood!
Food is great. No issues in making healthy food choices. Usually on weekends I'd be a little "naughty" and get crap. But I now say " I respect my body and myself too much to eat that."
I earnt 175 points at the gym last week for the 12 week challenge. Apparently thats good. Lol. My aim is to be above that every week now :0)
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.... I'm noticing that a lot of people are having troubles in their lives at the moment. I've spent this weekend listening and thinking about it. Trying not to take it on board. The moment I do that I soak up the negativity and it effects my moods.
Thursday is my bandiversary.... I am really looking forward to it. It'll be an emotional day for me (yeah, I'm a thinker.....). I am SO PROUD of myself. I have a busy day with my PT sesh in the morning (i think thats pretty monumental to do it that day because thats not something I would have done a year ago), getting my hair done (pictures will follow I promise!!) and seeing my surgeon for my one year follow up!
Anywho... I shall post in a few days to let you know how I am going with the challenge and to give you my 1 year bandiversary recap!


Angie said...

You've come so far, darl... I can't wait till I am strong enough to be working out like you... and maybe even liking it like you! xx

Diz said...

Wow. Your bandiversary! I'm so excited for you. And good for you getting on the treadmill. You know you're worth it, and that's all that counts.

Anonymous said...

Great work on the exercise and wow I can't believe it's your bandiversery coming up - you've done SO well!