Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hey guys,

Last night I felt like total crap.... I didn't work out (slept in tisk tisk) and I had Chinese for dinner..... felt like crap this morning too. I know now that food and exercise definately relates to my confidence and moods. When I haven't worked out for a day and eaten poorly I start to feel low. Is this a good thing/a bad thing or totally normal???
So today I knew I needed to get out and get moving.... Dad and I went on a 5 km walk together... I was ahead the whole way... he caught up to me and made some smartarse comment.... so I ran.... yeap... ran..... only for a few minutes... but man I felt free.... thats something I'm definately going to do more of.... after I buy a new sports
Had issues eating today... pd'ed my usual tuna and light philly wrap... think I has something to do with last nights food- not too sure. Fun fun .... tuna- not so great coming up...
Back to another work week tomorrow.... yawn.... I must enquire this week about the counselling course... I also have a date/meet up on Thursday... the guy is very very nice. Good head on his shoulders, smart, funny, trust worthy (so far)..... watch this space.... (I'll probably post later in the week about how nervous I am!!!)


Diz said... said you wanted to be able to run, and you can. Isn't that great? Is Dad a little jealous of your success? Good luck and have fun on the date.

mjwdec73 said...

Yay for the running! Even bigger yay for a new bra to make running less "challenging"