Sunday, April 18, 2010


Well 2010 has been a right bitch to me.
I've dealt with some pretty shitty boy drama (broken up with on Valentines Day via text), some family drama (sister has returned home to live) and work drama.
Banding wise hasnt been the greatest either, just to put the icing on the bitter cake. I've been suffering from horrid heartburn, no matter what level of restriction I had. My band was too tight so I got some fill out and ended up putting on 5ish kilos. Not too sure of the weight seeing as I havent weighed myself since I think November. I prefer it like this.
Ended up having a barium a few weeks ago, and found out my pouch is slightly larger than it should be. Funnily enough after the barium my band hasnt been acting up as much, my portion sizes are smaller and I've noticed I've lost weight. (Again, I don't know the number cause I'm done with the scales however I feel different and clothes fit me differently). So I'm happy with banding life right now.
As we stand 2010 has been a hellish challenge. I've lost a few good friends for various reasons also.
However I have gained a lot from this time.... I've almost finished my diploma- yeap a 2 year course I've completed in 5 months, I've gone on anti-depressants which have helped me cope (thank god my dr put me on them.... I wouldnt have survived the return of the sister without them), I've made some new friends, I've found my positive Skinny Biddy again, I've learnt hard life lessons about friends and men that will stay with me all my life, I've found that inner strength I thought I had lost.
I can smile again......
So heres to the second half of 2010..... may I reap the rewards of what faced me in the first part.
I promise to write more often..... I hope all is well with everyone. You have been in my thoughts, but I couldn't face writing all of this until now. xoxo


Leslee said...

I'm sorry to hear that 2010 hasn't been going in the right direction for you so far. But it sounds like things are starting to turn around for you now! Just stay positive and there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Roo said...

Hey Bridget,
I was wondering what happened to you...I am sorry that things haven't been great this year, but dealing with it the best you can and staying strong is a good will make you STRONGER!
Glad to see you back here!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're in a really positive frame of mind so that's awesome.

All the best glad to see you blogging!

Em :)

Melanie said...

Great to see you back on the blog - take care. Mel