Monday, April 26, 2010


I finished all the work I needed to today for my diploma. 2 year course finished in 5 months. Wowsa. Talk about determination and motivation!
The question I have for myself now is this... If I can work that hard at my career, why can't I work that hard with my weight? I've still got a little weight I'd like to lose, yet I talk about walking and I don't. I kept saying to myself that I'd start exercising once this course was done. Well that time has come. Now I have to see if I can convert that hard work from studying to my self and my body. And more so to my mental state of mind. Because I KNOW, I KNOW, that I feel so much more confident, positive and overall happier.
Now I can honestly tell you I love my anti depressants. There hasn't been an issue with my weight with them which is great. And I feel calmer and back to my old new self.
How was your long weekend? I spent mine in bed with a cold! I planned to get out there and walk but seeing as the next two weeks I am very very busy I figured I should rest instead and get better before I hit the pavement.
This weeks goal is: 2-3 walks of 3 kms each and cutting complex carbs



Leslee said...

That's insane! I did a two year course in two years and was overwhelmed, kuddo's to you!
You will feel better for the walks and I know you can do it, it's all a frame of mind. That's a great, attainable goal for the week. I'm assuming you mean to cut simple carbs though...?

Em said...

You can do it! I'm going to work out at least 3 times this week too!

Em :)

Diz said...

Well, sounds to me like you've had to prioritize the things in your life. Now that school is done, you can make exercise a priority. Not everything can be number one...much as we'd like them to be. I think you're more "dialed in" than you realize. I'm so happy for you.

Bridget said...

Lol yeah Leslee that's what I meant! I'm a dag :0P

tummy tuck said...

Congratulations on your diploma. Indeed, all it takes is motivation.