Sunday, August 22, 2010

Slack Me

I'm alive....Actually I'm more alive than I've ever been. And thats why I havent posted. I work hard during the week and live it up on the weekend with my gorgeous friends. I've had millions of laughs, millions of drinks, millions of fun nights out , millions of epicly bad dates... such a hoot!
I am single and love it. I'm very content this way and am focusing on myself!
I'm a size 14/16. I havent weighed myself in almost a year and have no intentions on it.... I much prefer knowing what size I am than being obsessed with the scales.
I have made a huge choice to move to England next year. I plan to tell my boss in Nov and leave in Feb. So I need to keep up the saving! I also need to sort out passports and find myself a job- I plan to work as an au pair.
I'm back in touch with my spirituality.
I'm light and bubbly. I am the old new me. I am changed after the last two years. But I am so brilliantly happy.


Nikki Dee said...

You sound so happy Bridget!! I am so glad you are doing well!

Working in England sounds great! I have a few friends who have done that and loved it! They apparently love is Aussies over there so you will have a blast!

Em said...

Yay! That's awesome, glad to hear you're in such a great space.

Em :)