Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goal Scoring

I've smashed it with my food the past few days. Ive had yummy garden salads with avocado, egg and salmon included. I've watched my carbs (they are my vice) and no chocolate has passed these beautiful lips (losing weight has made me vain) since I vowed I would go a week without it. OF COURSE.... a fundraiser box of chocolates has landed at work..... I havent touched a single one. And I won't. I love the satisfaction of me following through on a goal far too much to ruin it.
I am taking tomorrow off work. The funeral is Thursday, but I need a day to recover. I'm close to burn out. I have relatives staying with me (a house full of snorers) and I'm running on no sleep, work is being a bitch and I'm trying to deal with my grief and maintain my exercise and healthy eating. So tomorrow I am getting a nice sleep in then I'll see where the day takes me. Most likely seeing relatives... but the day off from work is welcomed anyway.
Tomorrow afternoon I am going back to get the fill I was meant to have yesterday afternoon. I am planning on speaking up and telling my fill dr I am completely dissatisfied with the reception staff not contacting me about the cancellation.
Thats all for now. Im wiped and in need of a nana nap before the house load of people arrive back wanting dinner!


Lonicera said...

A busy and difficult day for you Bridget, and I hope it goes well. The one bright spot in a frantically busy day is that you don't have that much time to think about whether you're hungry or not, or about food, even if you're cooking for others.
We'll be thinking of you on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Wow you're a saint to avoid chocolate in this time of stress - I'm super impressed!

Did you end up telling the doc about the receptionist? I hope so.

Hope today isn't too awful.