Thursday, December 3, 2009

I know, I know..

I've been a major slacker guys, I'm sorry. I needed a band break. Personal things going on (learnt my lesson, will not discuss) and the study and work load is heavy. This time of the year is insane at work. So much to do. Argh!
Banding wise... well..... I got really really dispondent in regards to banding life. I was very close to calling it all quits and not caring anymore. After 20 months I was jaded. I'd worked so hard and couldn't get to my goal. In fact, I put on weight and got back up at 91. I went and saw my Dr on Monday and he gave me a teeeeny fill of 0.1 mls. You know what? That was JUST what I needed. Its actually solved ALL my banding problems. I wasnt getting any restriction, now I have perfect restriction. No more heartburn AT ALL!!!! Portion sizes are perfect too. I am very very happy and back into the "motivated Bridget" who is determined to get under 70!!! I have ways to go yes, but I am really really positive about getting there.
So I'm back. I'm ready to get down to business. I will not quit this half way. I will finish this thing. I will.
Glad to be back....


Passionatetraveller said...

being banded was a start of a journey that was going to have it's ups and downs. You are committed hun it's just a bend in the road so to speak. hell l get you. I went from 90 kgs to 9 months pregnant and 99 kgs and it's way hard seeing the scales and knowing that whilst it is temporary it's still going to be hard to get down to the 75 kgs that l have dreamed of when l got banded in march 2008. We share the struggle, challenge and victories together hun but we also need to remember that being banded doesn't change us mentally or emotionally it's only a tool one that we need to continue to work and a tool that if we befriend it and get to know it it can help us make changes that can change our life and make us more whole and happy. stay focused and chin up if l can do it l bloody well know you can hun.
take heart, get moving and stay focused and you will get there it might just take a hell of a lot of energy, time, excercise and mental work. x

Dinnerland said...

That's the ticket!! Good for you... never give up. This is a process and your doctor can help you along the way.... good luck in the next few weeks, it sounds like this fill was just what you needed.

Angie said...

Welcome back girl... That gain must have been rough on you, but at the same time, it reiterated what you know - the band doesn't make it happen magically, you have to work it. You're ready to do that, and I have no doubt 2010 will the year you get to goal... I'm proud of you. Oh and your comment on my blog made me tear up... Thanks lovie!

Diz said...

Rock it only you know how!

Melanie said...

Good to have an update - sounds good and wish mine would sort out soon! Take care