Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well you got what you wanted... he ended things yesterday. I will not go into details. No one knows what went on between us and I find it rude and distasteful the comments that were left on my last post.
From now on I will not comment about my personal life.


Sarah said...

Hi Bridget
I have only started reading your blog, i am young as well banded well a few yrs older than you (24).
Don't worry what people think remember its your life and you should enjoy it. He wouldn't travel 1.5hrs if he didn't care at all.
Take care and keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

Please dont see the comments as rude or distastful, i thought this was an outlet for opinion, if you didnt want opinions, surely you wouldnt blog to the entire world?

Clearly my advice, and other anon is true though, you will be fine, plenty more fish, im sorry you felt my previous comments were distasteful again it was meant to help


Penelope said...

Hi I was searching for Bridget Parker from neighbours but found your blog.. no one you have so many people view it - you have the same name as a neighbours character!

Anyway I actually read most og your blog and this guy sounds like he was just using you for a booty call and think of it this way.. nothing can be over if it didn't really start. I'm sure you are better off without him and I know you probably think it was love since he was probably your first boyfriend (and maybe physically as well) and he has probably made a big impact in your life but you will soon realise you deserve more than just casual fun.

I hope things look up soon and keep on blogging about yourself, its all personal but isn't that why you blog? to open up about your personal life?

Also where abouts are you? I live in Byron Bay. Is that close to you?

Take care

Melanie said...

Mmm, it's always risky blogging to the wide weird world but you know that your journey has inspired so many people - me being ultra inspired and interested in your experienced with banding and life since I found your blog in une 2008. Perhaps it is best to be a little guarded on a blog that is potentially read by the world but that's your personal decision. I must say I haven't received many negative or offensive comments but when I have I feel violated and generally yuk. You could always do that thing that some people do and approve the comments before they go up... maybe a solution?
Take care, Melanie
PS Don't know about the "booty call" thing but maybe things were going a little fast for him - somme guys freak out when they realise they're falling hard for someone.

Dianne said...

Fuck them Brid - it's only their perception on what's happened without knowing all the facts. You know in your heart and mind what happened so don't give a flying hoot about what they think. Your friends support you all the way in the choices you make and things that you do and will continue to do so. You are doing a great job - bummer about the boy but as we have discussed before - everything happens for a reason - even if we can't see that reason at the time. Big hugs coming your way......


Passionatetraveller said...

at the end of the day bridget you loved him and he loved you. he was just imperfect and couldn't commit and that is not a crime it's a fault. One he may grow out of in time but you did the right thing and let him go. you deserve someone to commit to you and you are strong enough to get over this l know you and l know that love forever is a wonderful thing. believe in it and wait coz it will happen. Don't worry what otehr people think you have more intergrity at 21 than alot of people and you are only just beginning to work out what you want so take things slow and easy mate. l am always here at my wise old age lol of 32 and happily married to tell you that l had to date or meet several men to find the right one and when you do you know it's uncomplicated and unreal. sending love lovely your way and you know my number if you need to talk. x mandi from melbs

mjwdec73 said...