Thursday, September 18, 2008

Internet withdrawals!

hi guys,
My net is down atm so haven't been able to get on. Using my iPhone atm so it's hard 2 type. Have my 6 month review in a few hrs. Will get a small fill also. Will hopefully be back online by next week- modem stuffed :0(
Have a brilliant weekend- I'll be at a spirituality course!
Love skinny 'noooo I need the net!' biddy


Dianne said...

Hate that Bridget. Hope everything went well with your 6 month check up. I'm sure the doctor is very happy with you....


Melanie said...

Love the new pics. You've done great and your renewed motivation sounds awesome.

Diz said...

Hey...Nice job with the iPhone (I'm an Apple Freak). I've had Net Withdrawals before and it isn't pretty to be jonsing for the keyboard to get your fix. YEWOWZA!

Belinda said...

Bridget I can't believe it's been 6mths already. It feels like only yesterday I started following your journey!! I'm sure everything went well. Bel xxx

mjwdec73 said...

iPhones - the internet deprived bloggers best friend!

How was the course?