Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hey guys,

I had a busy day today. I was still exhausted from my silly weekend late nights trying to finish assignments. So I had a sleep in, making me late for everything else I needed to do in the day. But screw it. I wanted sleep! Lol.
I hit the gym (only 45 as I had to go to the Tax bitch), went to see who I will refer to as "the tax bitch" who is so rude to me. Yes, I stuffed up my tax for my business, but it isnt the end of the world. It can all be fixed. Apparently if I don't fix it soon she thinks I will have to go to court. Mum just rolled her eyes. Shes an old woman who has had enough with her work and told me how fed up she is of doing this. I stood up for myself when she was having a go at me, I wasnt going to take her bullshit. Normally I would have been super sweet and "yes miss". But no. I was strong.
Got an iphone today. I got an awesome plan and I'll be saving money with a nice phone!! Happy chappy!
I also went into "autograph" today. I need something to wear to a friends wedding in a few weeks. There was this nice green top I thought I might try on. Bugger, didn't fit. It was too big- smallest size. Sweet! I did fit into this nice cheap $8.95 top so I bought that to wear out and about. I'm once again going to have to do a sort through of clothes as some are making me look bigger than I am. This is expensive! Lol.
Enjoying the lovely weather we are having at the moment. It's making me super excited about summer. I usually dread it because it means I'm usually super hot and have to wear less clothes. No issues this year. I know I'm gonna love love love it!
Had to get links taken out of the awesome watch the parents gave me for my 21st. It fit me when I tried it on about 4 months ago. When I got it on my birthday it was way too big. Was great to have that feeling.

Tomorrow will be my 6 months bandiversary. I think I am going to treat myself to a mani and a pedi. Its a very important day to me. I will leave the reflective post until tomorrow....
Off to do my programming for craft at work next week. I'm doing spring theme so in the process of organising a garden for the kiddies to make on our wall!

-bridget :0)


Melanie said...

Good for you standing up to rude people. I've had the same feelings as you re summer - usually dread it but I'm almost looking forward to the annual beach holiday! I love the feeling of loose watches and rings - it makes this thing seem real. Happy 1/2 year bandiversary eve!

LapBandGirl said...

Your post oozes positivity today. Love it!

Happy bandiversary!