Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Rant...

These days I don't know what to write.... so please bare with me as I try. I can understand how some people forget to blog after a certain amount of time after banding. Life changes and the band doesn't become number 1.
I've started to notice I'm respecting my body more. I'm a fairly pale gal. I've started to fake tan myself (lol) and also get some more sun. I stayed outta the sun because sun=heat, which means less clothes. Which means more body parts being exposed. I am treating myself Thursday and Friday to a massage, some beauty treatments and getting my nails done ($30 for a full set omg how cheap!)
After tomorrow I have 5 days off!! Super groovy! Taking it easy. Seeing friends and studying.
My uncle has gotten worse. He cant stay at home and he cant stay in the hospital. The hospital can't do anything else for him. So its a really difficult situation.
I've made an effort to aviod lots of carbs. I tend to grab them for lunch or dinner as my body craves them (since I have PCOS). Trying to get more protien and veg as I was concerned about my intake.
Today for lunch I took leftover apricot chicken. I nearly pbed it. I had to leave the room. Havent had issues at work before. It wasnt fun. I was trying to make 14 beds and having a stuck... not fun.

Off now... can't wait til this time tomorrow!

-skinny biddy


Melanie said...

You're doing well. It's interesting that you say that the band starts not being number one - I've seen the start of that in recent weeks.

mjwdec73 said...

I know that feeling well - there is just so much going on in my life right now I'm putting the band back into perspective.