Sunday, September 28, 2008


Hey guys,
So still no wireless for me... using the parents computer. Hopefully will format it today. I miss not being able to come on here late at night.
So I've been really confused lately at my state of mind. Ever since my 6 months month bandiversary things seemed to have changed. I am not thinking about my weight all the time. I am not super focused on it or motivated. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not. It feels like that super high that I was on has gone and I'm back to my new life.... get what I'm trying to say? I am having real trouble expressing what I mean!
I had the goal of losing 20 kilos in 24 weeks. But now I'm sorta over it. I of course want to lose more weight, as much as possible. But I just dont have the energy to put into it. I will still make sure I am eating right and going to the gym 3 times a week. But its not going to be on the forefront of my mind. Does that mean that its now become a lifestyle change that I have become used to??? That its now as routine as brushing my teeth?? I think I'm onto something here!
Yesterday I went to my friend Bec's wedding. It was so so so beautiful. We work together and she is going on her honeymoon tomorrow for a month to America. I am going to be so selfish and say that I am going to miss her so much! She makes me sane at work sometimes. I am hoping that work wont be stressful with her gone. We have a casual coming in so I will have to take on extra stuff.
On the love note.... CONGRATS MYF!!! So so so so so happy for you!! I knew that it was going to happen!
Restriction wise, band is having good and bad days. I'm just riding the wave and taking each day as it comes. Tomorrow I will post a food diary.
This week I'm hitting the gym Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday. Didn't go at all last week. Just didnt feel motivated after my yukky family issues. Will be hitting it though this week.
After talking to Kristie last night I have been thinking I need to change my goal from a goal weight to a goal size. Scales havent shifted for a few weeks but I've lost 3 cms off my waist. I am over getting on the scales all the time. It's not doing it for me anymore. I'm getting more joy from seeing the changes in the mirror.

Hope you had a nice weekend. Weather is amazing!

-skinny biddy :0)


Melanie said...

You sound like you've reached a very sane place. I can't wait to get there but my band is still new to me and I'm still obsessing. It is a long haul journey and you're well on the road. Well done.

Michelle31 said...

Hey Bridget,
We have missed you in the POSAA site! You are doing so awesome to have reached such a high weight loss already. I'm really glad to hear you are getting less fanatical about the scales. I try to do it once a week but by mid week I can't help but weight every day. It is a bit obsessive! I think your right it is being a new lifestyle. You really are an inspiration. You go girl!
PS. Sorry to hear about family drama. Thinking of you. X

Diz said...

I think Mel is right. Perhaps you've found a happy medium where the band is no longer the main focus of your life. I didn't realize how much I let this decision consume my life until I realized that my conversations with the husband were one-sided and I needed to back up a bit. The band is only a fraction of you. And I'm loving learning about the treasure of the woman you are.

mjwdec73 said...

I think it is pretty damn good that the band isn't the be all and end all of your life. So much more balanced - go you.

And a big thank you too xoxox