Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Not Happening

So yeah.... no date.
After finding out a little more about him I've decided he isn't right for me.
He is suffering depression at the moment. I CANNOT deal with that. I have just myself gotten outta a really bad time mentally and I will not let myself get dragged down by someone else's negativity.
I've realised now though what I want in a man. I want someone who makes me laugh. If you can't make me laugh don't bother because its the most important thing to make. I want someone who is positive, outgoing and confident. I know that I am super shy with guys so someone who is outgoing and confident will make me feel more at ease in the beginning. I want someone who is deep. Someone who I can have super serious conversations with- the ones that time stops for and you get this buzz from when you are listening to them talking so passionately. I want someone older than me. Because I think I'm pretty mature for my 21 years old age. Guys my age don't get me. I want a man.
Seems like a lot of wants. Seems very very picky. But I don't want a lotta "maybes" along the way.
Loving facebook at the moment... there is an application I am addicted to called "Social Me". You look at a photo of someone and "tag it" eg :sweet, cute. I've gotten some cool responses on my photo. My fave happened tonight though. Some random dude who I will never meet, never have a conversation with tagged me as "PROUD". I don't really need to say this to any of you.... I think you know that it was a special moment for me. And without him knowing he made me stop, think, appreciate and smile. Because yes, I am proud.

Thought I'd give you a food diary.
B- cup of tea
S- three cashews (busy day lol no time)
L- light strawberry yoghurt, 4 cruskits with spaghetti on (yummo!)
D- McCains Pizza
D- chocolate

Ok so night time were shitty choices. This is actually the most I've eaten in days. I am feeling a lot better now. That were arse lump in my throat is gone. I have no idea what is was. But I swear my body knows a weekend is coming and finds something to make me sick. So no one mention the "W" word to me. Lol.
Scales are 97.8 or something. I am trying not to focus on it though. It's just a number. It doesn't sum up the joy that I feel at my accomplishments in my self esteem and confidence in 6 months. Such a short time- such a huge impact!

Thats all tonight. Hope everyone is well and happy.

If you want to be happy, be. ~Leo Tolstoy

-skinny biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

I love that someone tagged you as proud - that is just awesome.

Knowing what you want in a man is a good start - just remember that you can still be friends with the ones that don't measure up to what you want - they have friends too!!

LapBandGirl said...

So great that you were empowered enough to say no to the date.. and didn't feel like you had to settle for second best!

Love the Proud Tag!! Your Skinny-Proud-Biddy today!

Melanie said...

It's a great achievement to only be 21 and to have the start of a clear vision of what you want in a partner. You should be proud - he's obviously very perceptive!!