Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Love My Band, I Love My Band!!

Had a fill yesterday.... had .2 mls put in and now have 6.4 mls in my band... Dr very pleased with my results and we were even talking about the end goal....
Went to the gym this afternoon for my weigh in the for challenge and to do a little workout... in the last 8 weeks I've lost 23 cms..... wowsa!!! Pretty happy about that!
A lot of internal self reflection for me the last few days. I've realised I still like to negative talk, my body image is disorted and I need to work on my self worth. Its a hard thing. Its not something that will be fixed over night. But I know that these are the issues and I know I have the tools to deal with them.
Um the guy situation..... well there was a guy.... but that bombed.... and Im fine. Because I learnt from him. I learnt that I am a pretty amazing young woman that deserves a great guy in my life. That I am in fact ready for a relationship. I learnt that I WILL NOT COMPROMISE for any man. In fact I wrote a list of what I want. I also wrote a life list. I am getting back into my positive thinking and I love it!
I am so close to 89.9!! So currently telling myself that by this time next week I WILL BE under 90. I will get there!!


Melanie said...

This all sounds awesome. You are doing so well, not just with the band but with life and its many challenges. Here's to sub 90-land!

lapbandlife said...

You'll get there! I too sat around 92kgs for AGES. Keep up the positive thoughts!

Em :)

LapBandGirl said...

Fab-u-lous work girl! It's amazing what that little 0.2ml will make to your appetite!

Loving your matra at the moment, I've adopted the same thinking..

LBG xx

mjwdec73 said...

Wow on the 23 - awesome!!

Even better on the mantra - you rock.

You deserve the best - so proud of you for not compromising.