Saturday, April 11, 2009


I've been really sick this week. I've come home from work everyday exhausted and have gone to bed. No energy whatsoever. On Thursday I was gettting really dizzy/light headed and couldnt catch my breath. I came home from the easter show that night and threw up. Friday morning I felt the same. Tried to eat something and threw up then fainted. Layed in bed all day. Thats something I never do these days. So Good Friday was Shit Friday to me...
So I havent really worked out this week and my food is all over the place.... jumped on the scales (was that stupid or was that stupid!!) and I'm 92.9..... I don't understand! I have been on the 93.1-92.9 mind fuck for the last few months...and after a week of no working out and shithouse food I'm below 93? Hey- I'm not complaining at all! Just a little baffled!!
Given me a lot of motivation to try crack that 90! So after my little mini vay-cay (all 5 days of it at home hehe) I shall get back into it!
Off to the shops to buy a pirate costume for next Fridays Pirate Day at preschool!
Have a great Easter and long weekend. Take time out to spend some time with your loved ones. And try not to go over board with the chocolate. Remember how much you respect yourself and your new bodies (or soon to be new body!) and just say no! You'll love yourself so much more for it!


Melanie said...

Just a thought - when I'm lightheaded it often means I'm dehydrated. With the cooler weather are you drinking enough. I still find the eating/drinking thing with lapband very challenging. Don't forget you'll be building up muscle which weighs more.

The Dash! said...

Hi Bridget.

I sat and read your blog in one foul swoop after coming across this amazing site. I'm not banded yet but have booked my Doc's appointment so I'm still hunting and gathering information wise, (even though the decision is made lol). Loved your day to day musings and look forward to reading the next!
Cara xx