Friday, April 3, 2009

I've Got My Mind Set On You!

Soooooo...... tonight I applied for Fee-Help for my Uni course and wrote my Entrance Essay to get into the course. So by this time next week I should know if I got in or not! I had to write why I wanted to do the course and what career aspirations I have for the future. I mentioned my blog, my support group and how I had gotten a lot of feedback from people saying how much I have helped them (I squirm writing that because it sounds like I am big noting myself). I said I wanted to be able to give others the tools to change their lives. That I was interested in specialising in assisting in helping others with their weight loss. Also that I want to specialise in working with children with behaviour issues. I do have a lot of experience with that not only with preschool but having a sister who has "issues". So overall I think its ok. As long as I wrote over 150 words the women said I should get in. I wrote about 400.
Gym this morning with my new personal trainer. She was great. I called her a bitch on my facebook status because shes gorgeous, nice, fit and works me HARD. But I know I will love her. Push me and I'll do it. I'm not "Biggest Loser" - "I can't do it" and crumble in a heap. I know I will have super sore arms tomorrow though.... lol.....
Food is ok. I do suffer from heartburn a lot and it PISSES ME OFF. Thats the downfall of the band for me. I will survive. I am thinking that in a month or two I might get a smidge more into my band. I am going to keep track of things and see how I am going. I want to keep on this steady track of losing weight. I refuse to be one of those people that passes the first or second year and then gets into the funk. The funk where they have lost a huge chunk of weight, eating patterns change and the crap creeps in and they settle. I will not settle. I want goal weight. I want it. Bad. I will be a success. I will be the type of bandster that is focused and gets what I want.
Answering your questions.... LBG- Tegan said "omg you're tiny" - that comment will never leave my head...I am kicking myself that I am still a squirmer when I get compliments. I love them but still need to learn how to accept them.
Mel- I am doing the course via correspondence- otherwise I'd have to move to Sydney and I cant afford to do that... oh and my gym is a womens gym..... HAHAHA.....IM SCREWED!
Heres to the new me.... I am so very proud of myself.... I am constantly in awe of this new found power!!


lapbandlife said...

Good luck with getting into the course and have fun with the new trainer!


Melanie said...

All sounds good. Distance education is challenging but if you've got some self-discipline (like you obviously have got) you'll do great. Heartburn - I'm fine since doc put me on somanc 20mg twice a day.
Cheers, Mel

mjwdec73 said...

God I'm a slack cow - but fingers are sooooo crossed for you!