Thursday, April 16, 2009


I'm still sick. Been over 10 days now. Yeah- I know- why haven't I done to the doctors? Because I thought it was just me being lazy and tired. Turns out I'm constantly tired. My day off today I cancelled PT and stayed in bed. All day. That's not me. No proper gym workouts in over a week.
Promise to organise Drs tomorrow.
I'm off to bed. I feel so low. I hate being sick and not knowing whats wrong.... makes me want to cry...


Tammy from Aus said...

Hi Bridget,I love the new layout,it is very pretty.Anyway i hope you feel better soon,also could you be pregnant,i know you have had a few dates even though they were bad ones and things with these fellas did not work out, just thought i would ask.Oh well best of luck and hope it all goes well for you

Anonymous said...

when i was your age i had a kinda 'mindcrash'. i reexamined my life, what was i doing, where was i going etc. i think its a stage of life everyone goes through but doesn't really talk about. you've come through puberty, and are now defining who you are as a person: your values and your place in our world and society. of course you are sick! your body is controlled by your mind. your mind needs time to think. call it evolution or whatever, brains and bodies need time to realign and take stock before moving ahead.

i hope you get what i mean?

g'arn my little essay lol