Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Say Whhhhhaaaaatttt!!

Got a call from my Dr today whilst at work. He confirmed that I do in fact, NOT have Coeliac disease. That my blood tests showed that I possibly could, not in fact that I was positive for it. The nurse said I was positive. So I have been going around thinking that my life was going to be changing. That I've had this all my life and never known. I had lost faith in myself for a little while. I thought "well I've got everything else wrong with me, why not that". I thought that things in my life have never gone well, so that this was just meant to happen because I had been having such a good run.
So, now I can move on from this. I can go back to what I was going before this mess. I will be, like stated last night, seeing what foods are making me sick and staying away from them as much as possible.
My Dr also was looking at my weight loss results on lapbase (program that tracks weight loss with band, your surgeon will use this to calculate your bmi, your excess weight, the amount you would hope to lose in 2 years, and records each visit- fill measurements and weight.) and he said I was doing very well. He said he wasn't sure when he would see me next, I told him my 6 months was in Sept so due for my "review" then. He was a little surprised. He thought that I had been done longer. I'm thinking its because of my weight loss. 23 kilos in 5 months is good. To me, its really good. And he thought so too.
I think that I'm losing really well because banding life and me were always meant to be. We fit so well. I adore it. When my Dr will ask me how I am feeling about it in my 6 month review, I know that whatever words I can manage to get out without feeling like I am going to burst into tears, won't be enough.
Fitting that "This is the best thing that has ever happend to me" is playing in the background as I write this.

-skinny "filled with love, joy and happiness" biddy :0)

Sometimes the path you're on is not as important as the direction you're heading. ~Kevin Smith


mjwdec73 said...

Hells bells, I'm so confused. Does she/doesn't she? And I'm just reading it.

I'm so proud of you for staying postive through all the tests and the confusion - you really do inspire me.

23kgs in 5 months is awesome - you and Barbie make a great team.

Melanie said...

You have done well - I hope I'll be able to say 23 kg in 5 months! With all the challenges you've had you're indeed an inspiration.

Toni said...

Wow 23kgs in 5 months is amazing.

Doing a food diary is a good idea it will help you identify trends in food which you cannot tolerate.

I have a friend with IBS who cannot eat pork sausages unless they are organic pork sausages so there must be something in the normal pork sausages which affects him. It might be the same with you.