Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Last post I vented my frustrations out in regards to the scales... I'm over that now. After a few hours I realised that it was a hormonal moment and that I should STOP focusing on the weight loss.
Last few days I have been trying on lots of clothes that have been in my wardrobe for awhile. They all not only fit, but look stupid. Make me look bigger than I am. So its off to the shops in a few weeks to buy some more clothes! I am now in size 16's. When I hit the 14's I will be stoked! I cannot honestly remember the last time that I was a 14...
Food wise, my band is tight. I am not sure if because I have a cold and hormonal restriction, it has made it tighter. I really have to focus on chewing, and it is taking me 30 mins to eat a meal. I am happy with my level of fill as I know that in a week or so it will wear off a little bit.
This afternoon I was 98.8 after food and with an elephant of fluid. Pretty happy with that.
I'm noticing more and more the level of confidence in myself rising. Today I voiced my unhappiness with a co worker when I found out one of my focus children had stopped coming on the days I work and was re-assigned to another teacher without my knowlege. Tomorrow I am facing the boss on this issue. It seems that because I am the newest member and the youngest I am always the last person to know everything that is going on in the centre. And I don't agree with it. I would have NEVER even contemplated doing this before. Great step forward with me.
Will post again soon. It's getting closer to my 6 months banded...I will take photos on the day. I can't wait to see the difference. I am really really feeling it at the moment- even with the fluid. I can honestly say I feel like skinny biddy. Thats amazing..
I still have 25 or so kilos to go... but it's ok. If I woke up tomorrow and was 65-70 kilos I wouldn't have learnt all the things that I am now. It IS a journey.

-skinny "back on track and no more negativity" biddy :0)


Jeanna said...

Hey there. I can't remember how I found your blog, probably through facebook.

I am getting banded next Thursday 9/4 and am pretty excited. Reading about your journey has really helped to boost my confidence in this decision and I am so happy for your weight loss, and all the exciting changes that come with it.

You are a beautiful girl with so many years to enjoy life. Good luck with the hormonal fluid wave (ick).

I'm 38 and postmenopausal due to surgery, but still struggling to keep the hormones in check.

Jeanna Nichols

Melanie said...

This was such a great entry to read - it's true you're doing great. Confidence-wise that's a wonderful development - you can't be walked over in life and once peopel at work know you're not a push over you're treated with more respect! Crazy but we all go through this in the workplace - even someone like me in their mid 40s still struggles with issues like this. Stay strong. mel

Diz said...

Hey Girl, There is nothing wrong with a little negativity now and then. It's human. I'm so glad that you get to go clothes invigorating. Also, Good on you for your newfound confidence.

mjwdec73 said...

I am so very proud of you!

to b ME said...

Hey Bridgy,
Fluid is a bitch, lol... And good on u for standing up for urself, i did the same last night. Ur doing great with the weight loss and as u said its the learning and journey that comes with it too. Keep up the awesome work! Still got no one leaving me comments :( No one loves me lol and only had 78 hits on my blog. Come on people check me out at or my link on Skinnies blog(Nikki's Blog)
Go away in 2days yay! Talk soon Bridg... :)

Sandra D said...

You're doing great! It is good to see I am not the only one who goes through the "head flips" when it comes to scales and you're right, the scales are not everything.