Saturday, August 16, 2008


I have a stomach bug. It sucks. Thankfully I am not throwing up- band and throwing up aren't very good together. So I've been in bed all day sleeping and drinking water. I need to get better. I have so much to do this wasn't part of my plan! Thanks preschool for the germs! Lol.
Yesterday I went and got a fill. Dr Fill put in .4 mls to take my fluid amount up to 5.7 mls. We are getting their me thinks-close to being at the right spot. The results from my biopsy were also through. I asked him to tell me. Apparently I don't have Coeliac. It's very confusing because the blood test showed a positive result. So I am getting my wonderful surgeon to call me next week and tell me what I am meant to be doing now. I am thinking that I will stay away from foods like pasta and bread and find alternatives.
So today there has been no food except for a single Cruskit. That didn't work so well so I'm staying away from foods until tomorrow and I will see how that goes. Hopefully this is just a 24 hour thing.
Mum did point out today that I haven't really rested since biopsy. I worked extra this week and have been busy planning the programming for preschool next week. I am doing a lot. I need to have time to myself. Lesson learned.
Starting gym next Thursday, plan is to do a class thurs, fri, sat and sun. I won't start off with that many because I'll probably be too sore. Lol. Don't want to kill myself!!
The biggest news though is the scales.........
99.2! Being sick pays off!! I am so so so so happy. It's the lowest weight I've been on this journey so far- never gotten to 99.2- its always been 99.9! So I was able to put my next charm on my bracelet- two koi fish in the shape of a heart. So next goal is to get below 95. Hoping to do that in a month. With gym and watching food hoping that will happen.
Off to bed (again for the 6th time today). Have a lovely Sunday my cyber friends.

-skinny "you can't stop me now!" biddy :0)


Melanie said...

I hope you feel better soon.

mjwdec73 said...

Ouch - you poor thing. Take it easy and look after yourself.