Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 1 of The Great Opti Challenge....

So I'm not climbing the walls just yet....give me until Thursday midday and I just might.
I do however think I am in a really great headframe for this. The pre op Opti was forced upon me- I was much fatter, had a poor diet and not very healthy. Cut to Bridget, 35 kilos later- and I respect my body much more, eat 100 time better and am much healthier.
I sipped on my Honeycomb Opti (I use OptiSlim because the flavours are much more bearable. I don't care if the sugar content is higher, I can actually stomach the things) at morning tea time and I surprisingly didn't want to throw up. Previously the idea of a shake would make me dry reach. However this time around I drank the whole thing!
I definately should have had one at lunch time also. However I am so crazy busy at work at the moment I didnt get a chance to make it up. Yeap, I dont get lunch breaks. And Im working with a casual at the moment that is definately a lovely person, but doesnt do much on the labour side of thing. So I spent what would have been my drinking opti time mopping floors and changing nappies alone....
So todays intake has only been one opti and three slices of an apple. I've drunk about 2 litres of liquids today. Tonights meal is meatloaf and veggies. I wont lie- majorly looking forward to eating. I am hungry. Lol. (PS.....just ate.....yeah.... Bridget will do liquids for a bit.... I'm majorly restricted....usually Im not for a few days but since he took fill out then back in again it must be tighter)
I got a fill this arvo, I got .2mls put in and it takes me to roughly 6.0-6.1 ish.
So here we go.....lets see how this challenge goes!