Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Wind Up....

I'm in a foul mood today. Stupid hormones and people giving me the shits.

Today food....

Mid Morning- tried strawberries- no luck. Had a handful of unsalted nuts. Then a piece of mudcake care of one of my kiddies turning 5.
Lunch- 4 cruskits with spaghetti on top
Afternoon- Eeeek....I screwed up and had a maccas cone and a frozen coke.
Dinner- nothing so far. Lamb Korma was made, but the lamb is extremely chewy and I can't do it. So I gotta go to Coles to find something to eat later.

Havent worked out as of yet. Food is shocking today. I'm giving myself this one day allowance because my monthly motherfucker arrived. Tomorrow I'll be back in the game.

I have Thursdays off, so tomorrow I'm planning to get an hour's workout in :0) And trying not to feel guilty about my shocking food choices...