Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesdays Tidbits

I went to bed early last night. Still woke up feeling like I was dragging myself outta bed. Had a little nana nap after work also. Still feeling blah. Worked out its sinus. With the crazy weather and all this wind its really gotten to me. Least I know what it is.
LBG-I must've read your mind! I added some more fruit and protein to my diet.... here's my food diary

Mid morning: three strawberries and a handful of unsalted nuts
Lunch- BBQ chicken drumstick, salad and creamy pasta
Afternoon- cheese and crackers
Dinner- Lamb shanks and veggies

Think I did pretty swell. I took low cal cordial to work because we only have full sugar and I find I end up having some and wanting more. I did have a fozen coke this afternoon. I had a massive craving and gave in :0P

Exercise- Nil. I planned to do it when I got home. But sinus got the best of me and I had a nap instead. I might try muster up the energy for a walk in the treadmill after dinner. I am back in the mind set of really wanting to do it for my health, and feeling bad if I don't. I love my head when it clicks :0)

Tomorrow's goal: More water, no frozen coke.


Anonymous said...

I think your food diary is completely normal. I'm impressed! You are eating like a standard person tho watch the salt - i find it makes me VERY thirsty and wanna reach for something high calorie. i wouldn't change a thing. when i feel like a froze coke i get a mini one from Macca's. they are small and $1 or something. craving satisfied w < cal. eoralin

Anonymous said...

I think if you wanted to lose weight (im non banded so dont get it totally) that you would have to take away things like creamy pasta and bbq chicken and cheese?? Surely