Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Having an ok day until I answer the phone at work and its mum. She asks if I have 5 mins to spare as she needs to talk to me about blood test results. Remember the specialist I went to see like 2 months ago that took shit loads of blood? Well he said he'd get back to me if anything was wrong. BULLSHIT. HE NEVER DID AND SOMETHING IS WRONG.
I called yesterday after some ribbing from mum. They called back whilst I was at work today and gave mum the results.
I have very very low vitamin d and c levels as well as chromium. Explains the 2 month cold. My insulin is worst its ever been (917 when meant to be 140). And I tested postive for Coelic Disease.
I wanted to tell you guys whats going on. But you need to give me some time to take this in. I've gone from things constantly going wrong in my life to things starting to get on track. Now back to fucked.



Melanie said...

Wow, Bridget that's such a shock for you. I guess the positive thing is that you can start addressing the problems. You might find that Celiac is at the root of a lot of your problems. Basically you need to avoid all gluten - wheat products mainly. There's a fact sheet about it at and also NSW Celiac Society is very helpful - they have info and support people on the Central Coast and your dietician will know all about it. You'll feel a million dollars once you stop eating wheat products I think. Hope that helps, Melanie

mjwdec73 said...

Oh honey, sending you big hugs right now. What a horrible shock for you.

I guess right now you just want to take some time to wallow. That's OK - be as angry and upset as you need to be.

I'm 150% positive that you are strong enough to get through this - Melanie is right - now you have this information you can work with your body and your dietician to get on top of it.

Hugs xoxoxoxo

Cat McKenzie said...


I've been reading about your journey and have been amazed by how well you are doing.

I just wanted to send you positive thoughts. You know, you've already achieved so much, and I'm sure you will get on top of this too. With knowledge comes power. Melanie is right. Now you know you have a problem, you can tackle it head on.

Be kind to yourself.


Anonymous said...

hey Bridget,
its Nikki, ur blogs have been inspirational to me and have enjoyed reading ur friends too.... everyone has such amazing journeys. I got turned down by NIB for the surgery, god damn review board my ass! They rejected me the next day... am sooo let down, i really wanted and need the band ASAP, now i have to wait 12months, it isn't that long i suppose but it seems like forever... who knows how much weight i could out on in that time! Health funds take ur money and when u need them they screw u over, and all because of 7days!!!! Think i'll have to talk to Dr Munro. Just read ur new blod Bridg, that must be such a shock for u im sure.... especially when u feel ontop of things finally... but after u take it all in and work on it im sure u will get ontop of all this and beat it down!!!! Does the low vitamins have anything to do with the band? As for the Celiac it sux but it is manageable, hope u r doing ok sweeti....keep positive and get back on the horse.... hug

Diz said...

Hey Girl...catching up on blogs today and saw your news. Don't despair! Mel is right and one other thing. I notice that when truly "Craptacular" things happen in my life, it makes the sweet so much sweeter!

Your sweet is coming my friend. Never fear!